Why I Homeschool

I loved hearing what my boys love about homeschooling. What I loved most about it, though, is that I gave them this assignment during a tough week - one where school was not so fun. I appreciate that they were able to pick out the good even when faced with the bad. While I was pulling up their writing on the computer, I came across a list (that I got from somewhere, but cannot remember where) that I liked enough to save. WHY I HOMESCHOOL : 1. So I don't have to get everyone up in the morning. (that's not a good one but we're not morning people) *2. So my kids' education can be efficient and all-encompassing (life is homeschool) and enjoy their childhood in play, awe, and wonder. 3. So my kids learn not to be guided by the masses. *4. So that I will KNOW my kids, and my kids will KNOW me. 5. So my kids will not come home reciting the latest dirty limerick. 6. So my kids will not HAVE to have the latest expensive, inappropriate fashions. 7. So my kids will not have to deal with a bully every single day. *8. So my kids will not be left behind if they do not grasp a concept as quickly as everyone around them. *9. So my kids can move on to the next concept if they've learned it before everyone around them. *10. Because my kids can stop everything and research a subject that has caught their interest before they forget about it or lose interest. *11. Because we can go on vacation (or to the store) when everyone else is at work and school. *12. Because we get to go on more field trips, do more science experiments, and watch more movies to help reinforce what we are learning in school. 13. Because my kids hear their friends (and cousins) talk about how much they hate school. 14. Because it takes a lot less time to do school at home and that gives us more time for other things. 15. Because I don't have to go down to the school to deal with the principal, the teacher, the guidance counselor, or the PTA. *16. So my kids don't spend all day in school, then several hours on homework, then straight to bed because they have to start all over again the next day. *17. So that my kids will be closer sibs and learn to forgive each other frequently. *18. Because I love spending time with my kids and time passes so quickly! *19. Because I want my kids to love to learn! *20. Because it is rewarding! I want to be there when my child first "reads" and first makes that connection! 21. Because it just feels natural to me! Sending my kids to school at the age of 5 on to spend the entire day under the influence of total strangers didn't feel natural to me! *22. Just because I love to learn with them! *23. Because WHAT they are learning matters. I love getting to read about the Pilgrims without trying to be politically correct or worrying about the separation of church and state. *24. Because I want my children to be innovators, creators and producers, not consumers and passive learners. 25. Because when my oldest was in school and Little League there was no time to pass on our family's values. 26. Because they are more enjoyable to be around when they are not immersed in a peer-centered world. 27. Because the DELUGE of influence of being with 30 other peers most of the day took too much energy on my part to counter-act. *28. We are meeting families and building family relationships with more like-minded people, it's a community I want us to be a part of. *29. Because I can show them I love them. *30. Because they love to learn. *31. Because they love God. *32. Because we are a close family. *33. Because I can teach them to think for themselves. *34. Because God has called my family to homeschool. *35. Because they are getting an excellent education. *36. Because I want to be the Holy Spirit to be the main influence in their lives. *37. Because I don't want strangers to be able to influence my dc (dear children)and teach them lies. *38. Because they love our home. *39. Because they are happy and secure. *40. Because they love life. *41. Because children need to play and be kids. 42. So they can have more time to pursue their interests and God-given talents to one day use for His glory. *43. So they will learn to take responsibility for themselves and figure things out themselves. *44. So they can recover from failure with grace, learn from their mistakes, and discover their own way in life. *45. There's time to garden, play piano, paint and read while teaching my children about what is beautiful. *46. Even on the days when I want to quit, give up, throw in the towel, chuck it all, send them anywhere, just take a nap, take the easy way like so many around me, I still want to homeschool! It's just right for us. (Emphasis mine) I did not write that list, but many of them I could have! *These are my favorite ones!