Stitchin' Time

I saw an adorable fleece skirt on my friend's daughter and loved it! Well, she was so sweet to teach me how she did it . . . and I think they are adorable! They are so soft, warm and cozy and will be perfect as a winter and spring dress.

The skirts are 100% Polyester - even the ribbing around the waist. The bottom has the cutest flair and if you look at the picture you can see how this was done. Except, don't do as I did and sew the wrong side to the right side! I did this more than once and learned that I am too easily distracted when kiddos are hanging on me.

Here is my assembly line pile. . . after I got a couple made, I thought it would go faster this way, but I had a hard time putting the one I was working on down. I realized that is just like me - I like to see the finished product as it gives me encouragement to keep going!

I got all but two done. There is something wrong with my machine (or in how I am operating it maybe) - I heard a funny sound and the thread was bunching up in the machine. So, I thought it would be a good time to put away my sewing for the day.

I found some cute shirts to mix and match with the skirts. I paired them up and some of my favorites are below. This will also make it easy for Eliana to dress herself, as most match in some way or another.

I will have to take some pics of her in them, now!