Hebrew Lesson 3

For our Hebrew lesson this week, we worked on the letters aleph (no sound), bet/vet (b/v), gimmel (g), dalet (d), hey (h), vav (v), zayin (z), chet (ch as in bach) and tet (t) and the sounds they make.
We also learned two new vowel points /ay/ and /e/ as in bed and reviewed the vowel points we have learned so far (ah and ee). And we practiced reading combinations of the letter and vowels. We learned some new vocabulary: tinok - baby ani - I rotzeh/rotzah - to want ani rotzah - I want yeled -boy yal'dah-girl And the kids played a fun game that my friend, Jaci, made. There was a stack of cards face down. A card was pulled up on their turn and if they got the Hebrew word or letter right, they got to roll the dice and move that number of spaces. They used the Littlest Pet Shop animals for the game pieces. The board had spaces that said "Move back to losing player's space," "Move back 3 spaces," "Yippee Skippy go ahead 2 spaces," and one that said, "What a blessing, go again!"

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