Instant Challenge #6 Solutions

This week's challenge: Invent Aircraft

Challenge: Your TASK is to create an aircraft that will stay airborne for as long as possible.

Time: You will have up to 5 minutes to use your IMAGINATION to create your aircraft. Your team will then have up to 1 minute to launch your aircraft for score.

Set Up: On one end of the room is a taped line. Behind the line is a table with materials you may use to build your aircraft. There is also a stool behind the taped line from which you may launch your aircraft.

  • 1 Sheet of Paper
  • 1 Toothpick
  • 5 Straws
  • 5 Mailing Labels
  • 1 Envelope
  • 3 Pipe Cleaners
  • The stool may NOT be damaged or altered in any way.

Scoring: You will receive:

A. 3 points for each second your aircraft is in the air beyond the taped line.
B. Up to 30 points for how creatively you use the materials.
C. Up to 20 points for how well your team works together.

During our last challenge, I had the oldest 2 work together since they were having the hardest time getting along. I was happy with the results, so I tried having all three work together this time.

We got off to a shaky start and that cost them some points. They did not agree on what to make so the two oldest started off by making their own thing.

Then half way through, Nathan saw what Jordan was doing, ditched his idea and ripped it apart to help Jordan. (They needed more mailing labels and straws).

They all worked together to finish what they were hoping would grab air and float to the ground and stay airborne for a bit.

They added pipe cleaners to keep the chute from collapsing.

Now for the launch:

They stood on top of the stool and reasoned that the tallest person would give them the best score because they could launch it higher in the air.

But they all had to give it a try.

1.5 seconds = 4.5 points
2.0 seconds = 6 points
And the final time was 2.5 seconds for 7.5 points.
It started off great, but then flipped over and fell quickly.

I gave them 15 out of 30 points for creativity, 15 out of 20 points for teamwork (they recovered well) and 7.5 points for how long it stayed airborne for a total of 37.5 points.
I'm curious to see who was up for a challenge this week! With all my issues this week, we almost didn't make the challenge. I just wasn't up to it. Thankfully, I have others that are holding me accountable because this really is good for creative problem solving practice!
*Sorry - I accidentally deleted the photos!