A Decade of Delightful Learning

Delightful Learning spans ten years of our homeschool and family life while living in Sheridan, Wyoming. We have moved and changed, so I feel inclined to close this blogging chapter and move on. 

Here is a quote from today's reading in Ourselves, by Charlotte Mason–this is the direction I want to move in:

The Way of Humility.–In the first place, we must not try to be humble. That is all make-believe, and a bad sort of pride... The thing is to not think of ourselves at all. . .There are many ways to of getting away from the thought of ourselves; the love and knowledge of birds and flowers, of clouds and stones, of all that nature has to show us; pictures, books, people, anything outside of us, will help us to escape from the tyrant who attacks our hearts. One rather good plan is, when we are talking or writing to our friends, not to talk or write about 'thou and I." There are so many interesting things in the world to discuss that it is a waste of time to talk about ourselves. All the same, it is well to be up to the ways of those tiresome selves, and that is why are are invited to read these chapters. It is very well, too, to know that Humility, who takes no thought of himself, is really at home in each of us:– 

"If that in sight of God is great 
    Which counts itself for small, 
We by the law humility 
The chiefest grace must call; 
Which being such, not knows itself 
 To be a grace at all. 

When I posted We Shell Sea, I was (and am still) not sure what my fresh start will look like, but I know "Try a little harder next time" is relevant to my story moving forward, so I hope to launch from there for a fresh start and talk about love and "birds and flowers, of clouds and stones, of all that nature has to show us." 


If you would like to be a part of that journey, please check back. 

Until the trumpet sounds. . . 


  1. I love the resources you have here. I hope you continue to keep the blog up even though you won't be updating it. God Bless you and your family.

  2. I have loved reading your blog since you first started. I hope that you will continue to do so, even if it is just here and there. God bless you on your new adventures! Jacquelin

  3. I'm so sad to see you go as I've been visiting your blog off and on for nearly ten years! Will your blog still be up to reference your ideas and links or are you taking it all down?

    1. It's back up and I hope to leave it up. :) If I start over, I'll start fresh with a new blog. I am praying about other ways to be a part of this community, though, because I miss it. Thank you for sticking by me for so long! 💛

  4. Just found your blog today as I was looking for FIAR resources. I'm just starting FIAR with my third, and youngest child. Sad I didn't know about the wonderful curriculum with my older 2, but so excited to dive into it with my last child. I really hope to be able to use all the wonderful resources you've compiled on your blog for FIAR! You can tell the love that poured into making FIAR something special for your little ones <3