Preschool Morning Board

I watched an old post grow to the top of my "popular posts" list over the summer and it finally inspired me to want to make a new calendar and morning board!

That and a row of My Big Green Pocketbook!

Last time I hung our boards on the wall, but this time I used a tri-fold board that I originally bought for a science fair project last spring. It didn't get used for its intended purpose, so I thought all summer that it would make a great portable morning board instead. Naturally, I'm not the only smart mama out there ~ I did a search on Pinterest and sure enough, someone else thought of it too! :)

I created this board for my preschooler, Bo. He will turn 4 in a few months, and I wanted to include a few "getting ready for kindergarten" skills.

Skills to learn:

We are also using Songs for Saplings and Songs For Saplings ABC Bible Verse Printables to learn a Bible verse with whatever letter we are working on in All About Reading Pre-reading and also singing seasonal songs.

Bo's Preschool Morning Board:

Supplies used:

  • Tri-fold white board (from W@lmart)

  • colored construction paper (I used what I had from Blick Art Supply)

  • printer and ink (I buy cheap generic ink from Amazon)

  • Scotch laminating pouches

  • Scotch laminator

  • clear velcro

  • double-sided tape

  • plastic page protectors (I buy quality ones in bulk)

  • scrapbooking double-sided tape (the cheap stuff won't hold up for heavier items)

Special thanks to:

All the ladies below for sharing their awesome printables and inspiration, and also to Maureen for the inspiration to use double sided tape and plastic page protectors! I was fully equipped to laminate and velcro until I saw her morning board! It is so much easier to just slide a new page in! (This may have been done before, but for some reason I am just now learning this!).

Calendar and Morning board inspiration: