My Big Green Pocketbook {B4FI♥AR}

~Boaz is 3 years, 9 months~ 

My Big Green Pocketbook was our "back-to-school" row this fall. It is a sweet story of a little girl and the memories she makes during an outing with her mother one day. She collects her morning in her pocketbook, and then accidentally leaves it on the bus. But, it has a happy ending, and we enjoy this book and the wonderful illustrations.

Along with reading the story, we had a bus themed breakfast for the first day of school, and went on several outings, like buying orange slices at Lucky's Market for one! We also had fun mixing yellow and blue to make green, learning about absorption, and more.

Also see our row with Malachi and Eliana in 2010. We've made some happy memories with this book. :)

Reading the Story

We read the story each day, but the first day I gave Bo two lollipops ~ one for now, one for later (just like in the book).

We did letter F this day (and later G), made fingerprint fishes in the pond, colored the frog and letter F, and worked on rhyming by playing "Get out of the Wagon." The word picture that does not rhyme, does not belong in the wagon. :) Bo loves these activities and games.

First {Official} Day of School {2014-2015}

Our bus themed breakfast, including "spare tire" donuts.

With all the attention my little Bo had been getting over the summer (on the blog and at home), you can imagine how left out he was been feeling this week - our first week back to school. He was grumpy, and started writing Xs all over the house with a red marker. I figured out that he was missing his time with me, and taking time to do something with him each day (anything) helped.

Like working on Letter G, coloring the goldfish, G, and using glitter!

(I love how he traces each letter. He's starting to write letters now, too. So sweet to see his first little letters and writings).

And I love how easy it is to pull together a Pre-reading lesson! Unless I want to do a special letter activity (like for a theme), the lessons are literally open and go.

And playing a rhyming game with Ziggy. . .

The second day we read the book, I used the green pocketbook printables from Homeschool Share.

But, we didn't make it far. When we got to the typewriter, Bo wanted to go play on the real typewriter. (An old fashioned typewriter that I picked up to type my Project Life journal cards, but could never get to work properly).

He spent a good 30 minutes investigating how the typewriter works and playing with the ribbon spool and keys. (Bo has a mechanical bent like his big brother, Jordan). And we typed his name in CAPITALS and in lowercase ~ just like in the book. ;-)

Math ~ Shapes/Squares

Working on shapes with a Mathletics printable on Squares.

And playing with blocks.

Science & Colors: Color Mixing with Softest Playdough

This was going to be our no-cook playdough for the 12 Months of Sensory Dough series for September, but I stepped down from the series, needing to slow down a bit. This recipe is from Kid's Activities Blog and is super easy and super soft! (Click over for directions!)

We used Little Blue and Little Yellow for a go along book for our row, which really is a cute book.

(Bo's little green family, modeled after the book. So sweet!)

Absorption and More Color Mixing

We also did an absorption demonstration ~ a little yellow and blue color mixing fun.

Art: Shades of Green

Interactive Picture Books

We read Green and picked out the shade of green that most matched the Green Pocketbook. This book is a book in the Embrace the Wiggle with Interactive Picture Books series on the All About Learning Press Blog. Click to read Marie's review on Green and to read about more books in this series.


Life Skills: Routine with a Calendar and Morning Board 

I got the idea to focus on routines from Angelicscalliwags's row of My Green Pocketbook. With a new school year starting, I loved the idea and used this as an excuse to finally make a Preschool Morning Board to help establish a morning school routine for Bo.

Shopping for Orange Slices

In the story, the mom and the little girl buy orange slices for Dad. Since we discovered that Lucky's Market in the city has all natural, non-GMO fruit slices, we make it a point to stop there once a month for candy. :)


I took a video to show how I introduce my little ones to the idea of narration. I read the book with them, asking questions and asking them to tell me about what's happening on each page. It's hard work at first, and Bo kept saying he didn't know what the words said. He tired quickly and let me know, so we stopped. As he grows, he will be able to tell me more without prompting and eventually tell me the story without using the book.

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  1. What a fun and busy week you had!

  2. It actually stretched out more than two weeks, and I had the ingredients sitting out, ready to go, for the Little Yellow Little Blue activities for probably over a week before I could get to it. Bo was mostly coloring at the table with us while I tried to get into a rhythm with the older kids. But, I figure a little at a time is better than nothing and looking back now, I'm glad I did what I did when I could. That's survival mode for me, for sure.

  3. You rock as always! Like the rug too. We have a geography shower curtain--now if they made sheetsn and pillow cases we could really count on osmosis:)