Elli's New Shoes

We headed to our property late last Thursday evening and the kids were already in their pajamas for the trip. Of course, Elli was in her footy pajamas, so guess what we forgot?

We had gotten lots of rain, so the new road and the areas around the house and motorhome were a muddy mess and she had to have shoes!
Her duct tape clogs proved to be a huge blessing. . . and a reminder to me to buy more duct tape (and maybe an extra set of shoes to leave at camp). We were out of regular duct tape so I had to use the expensive window duct tape . . . which means her duct tape clogs cost more than the last pair of shoes I bought her. But, they are still holding up. =)


  1. DH and I got a good laugh out of this! That is great!!! Especially the part about these shoes costing more than here real ones.

    Thanks for the smile.

    I have an Eliana too! She is 3.

  2. Great job Chel! How resourceful!! Duct tape is always good! My kids thought this was cool too! :-) Shalom-shalom!

  3. Oh! And I like the new blog, especially the knitting part! :-)

  4. That is soooo funny, well the shoes...not the muddy mess.LOL! Duct Tape - a true must have!

  5. I am following now, I'd forgotten to and I missed this funny post! Michelle, how on earth did you think of such an ingenious solution?! You are truly amazing:-).