The ABC Bunny {Before FI♥AR}

~Eliana is 3 years 9 months and Malachi is 5 years 8 months ~ 

I wasn't planning on rowing The ABC Bunny this week. I printed out a few activities when I requested the book online (from another library in our system), and quickly came up with a few more when it arrived so quickly! 

We focused on a general overview of the alphabet, signing our abc's, recognizing the letters (Eliana) and their sounds (Malachi), abc order (Malachi), upper and lower case matching, spelling our name . . . and of course, bunnies!

Our Learning Shelf ~ 

Day 1: Read book, walk to city park and look for bunnies (saw one hopping through a vacant lot), knit while kids play, bunny visit on the way home, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom video, Sensory Tub

Bunny Love

(Malachi did not want to hold the bunny).

ABC Pong Ball Sensory Tub

  1. Trick pong balls (from game section at Walmart) and alphabet stickers
  2. Cups and spoon for spooning, scooping, pouring and playing the Trick Pong Ball game
  3. Yellow split peas ~ to keep the balls from rolling in the tub

The trick pong ball game is played by bouncing the ball or rolling it off your nose (or other tricks), then letting it bounce and land in the cup.  

It was a little hard for Eliana, but she was so excited when she landed one in the cup. I had her and Malachi say the sound of the phonogram before shooting. 
They spooned, scooped and poured ~ and the pong balls turned into ice cream scoops and we had an ice cream tasting party ~ creating flavors based on the phonogram on the ball (b was blueberry, etc.)

It was also a very popular tub with the older boys who said this was their "favorite one so far."

Day 2: Read book and listen to ABC Bunny Song, ABC Hunt, ABC Bunny Activity Card, Upper/Lower case matching, Sensory Tub,

ABC Hunt:

Upper/Lower Case Matching:

This matching activity from Homeschool Creations is perfect for little ones learning about upper/lower case ~ the picture puzzle helps them make the connection.

ABC Bunny Activity Card:

Using words and pictures from the book, this a perfect go-along for The ABC Bunny!

Please note: there is a mistake in this file, but we still enjoyed it!

Bunny Nuggets ~Tiny Knit Bunny:

I thought these were so sweet! The only change I made to this pattern was to crochet the ears instead of knit them. (I didn't think I would have the patience to knit so tiny in the round). These are really simple and fun to make ~ and I had to resist making more!

Day 3: Read book, ABC Bunny animal classification cards, Signing Time: ABC Signs (Vol. 5), ABC Signing Time Flashcards, Spell My Name (practice signing/spelling our name), Upper/Lower case matching, Bunny Tangrams, ABC Bedtime Bath Fun

Upper/Lower Case Matching:
This U/L case matching was more of a challenge for Eliana, but perfect for Malachi.

Bunny Tangrams:

I thought it was so sweet how he was encouraging her and helping her along (she played along nicely because I know she can do this on her own). 

ABC Bath Texture Letters

I thought these would be fun texture letters good for lots of activities, but the classic use won out. They have enjoyed playing with these in the tub this week. 

There was so much more we could have done with an alphabet theme. . . too much! 

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  1. I LOVE the ABC ping-pong sensory tub! What a fantastic idea! This whole post has so much inspiration.

  2. Wonderful ideas. How do you do so much with the little ones when you also have older ones? I struggle with this. I'll check back on your comments in case you or someone has posted some advice :)

  3. Heather, the key for me is organization and planning ahead. I share more in my post how I do what I do here.

    The older the boys get, the easier it gets (which is good because I have another one on the way!). They do more independent work as they get older and I have had to learn to let them (I used to want to do every subject with them!). We still do several together, but I had to let some things go (like reading science aloud). Most days are still a challenge, but by Father's grace I make it through! I pray for Him to order each day and His grace is sufficient! *Ü*

  4. Thank you! and thanks for the tweet too! *Ü*

  5. You did an awesome job on this bunny unit. The number of skills you covered is amazing. The trick ball look like such fun. I love the little bunnies.

    Thanks for linking to Read.Explore.Learn.

  6. Looks so fun learning the alphabet with your family. I forwarded the Stylish blog onto you. You can go here: to see it.

  7. What a great post! We're making some of those bunnies! Came by to tell you Congrats on being nominated all over the HSBA's:)

  8. What fun activities! I love the ABC sensory tub. Love that you made it into a game as well! We have the Upper/Lower Case three-piece puzzle and we've done the ABC Hunt with success in the past. Perhaps we should check out this book now!

  9. What a great bunny unit. I love those knitted bunnies! Thanks for sharing.