Sonlight Moments: Songs and Fingerplays & Community Theme

Documenting 7 weeks worth of Sonlight Core P4/5 (combined with FI♥AR!). (See our first 5 weeks here). I'm highlighting what stood out to me along with additional books and activities we did and the dates. The dates listed are days that we finished that week's readings or the dates that we read (often we finish a week's reading in one day, but we do not do this everyday). I also list which books we rowed and when we started them. 

Since Core P4/5 has a community theme these weeks (using Usborne's book of Things People Do), I chose two community roles to focus on for additional learning - policemen and firemen.

Also, each week we have a new song to sing. This is honestly an area that I struggle in, so I made an extra special effort to make a few of the songs fun and memorable for Eliana. ♥

We have really enjoyed our learning time together.

P4/5 Week 6: March 4th {rowing Papa Piccolo}

Obedience: I obey right away without delay. (SL has a cute little jingle that teaches this and Eliana still uses it).

"I'm a little Tea Pot" ~ I did the motions I remembered from my childhood. (We also sang some songs later on to this tune.)

Nature Guide (through week 10) ~ nature walk - signs of spring (Berenstain Bears Big Book of Science and Nature).

We walked by a tree that had interesting buds on it several times this week and Malachi kept asking me to take a pic. I had my hands full and said I would the next time we walked by. . . and he didn't forget! He asked me again two weeks later to take a pic - I think it will be a good tree for a seasonal tree study. :) It is all leafed out now and has little yellow flowers. 

He asked me to take several other pictures of trees. I will post them on my family blog, but I am pleased that he enjoys nature, considering most of our nature study is informal now. 

Signs of Spring Nature Eye Spy (we didn't get to this, but it ties in nicely with the science this week, so I'm including the link).

P4/5 Week 7: March 5th

P4/5 Week 8: March 6th

Patience: I wait with a happy heart.

Song: Five Little Ducks
Scissors and dough (made play dough and cut with scissors)

Project Life pages . . .

Finger print ducks. 

Storage at the back of the album.  

P4/5 Week 9:  March 11th and 12th {rowing The Red Carpet}

Memory verse: 1 Cor. 14:40 Let all things be done decently and in order.
Character Trait: I find a place for everything and put everything in its place. (We worked on organizing the kids' room.)

+Policeman Preschool Pack (shared with our row).

P4/5 Week 10: March 21st {rowing Wee Gillis}

Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth. Proverbs 10:4
Diligence: I work hard to finish a task.

Language Arts: A letter a week begins.

Dylan is reading Nature Guide from Berenstain Bears' Big Book of Science and Nature. 

P4/5 Week 11: March 27th {rowing Mr. Gumpy's Motor Car}

Eliana working in ETC Book B
Y Soccer starts (Eliana and Malachi are both playing K/1 soccer).
We started the Science Fair portion of the Berenstain Bears and learned about simple machines.

Field Trip to Fire Department / Fireman Preschool Pack.

Go-alongs books:

Oxygen tanks, hose and hat!
Idea from the lesson plan for Even Firefighters Hug Their Moms

Bandaging up a teddy bear on a "stretcher."

Love those little feet!

Fireman Unit Links:

Songs and Fingerplays ~ "Itsy Bitsy Spider" Ideas and Links:
Wearing her spider hat and singing Itsy-Bitsy Spider. 

P4/5 Week 12: March 30th

Learning about matter.

{Spring Break ~ April 1st - 6th}

At this point, I considered ditching The Lion Storyteller Bedtime Book and Stories from Around the World.  Many of the stories are not a good fit for our family. I am really enjoying the ease of having a schedule, so I did not schedule other books in (plus we are doing FIAR). But, then I decided to pre-read the stories and only read certain ones. (I am crossing them off in my IG if we do not read them, so I know for when I do this core with Boaz, my youngest).  I color code my kids in my IG's, but I am just using one color for Mali and Elli - purple since that is Elli's favorite color and I originally bought this core for her.

These "7 weeks" took place during Weeks 10, 11, 12, and 13 of our life.

Weeks 13-18 are already completed, which means we are half way through Core P4/5!

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  1. Love getting ideas from your blog. I like how you organize their projects. Did you brought the binder and rounded order paper that's already set up that way? Where did you get those? Thanks.

    1. The album and cards are Project Life! I share more here: :)