Delightful Learning

I took a scroll through the FIAR Facebook group for the first time ever this morning while drinking my morning cup of decaf, and left in tears because of a comment regarding my blog, after a link to my Storm in the Night and weather unit was shared:

 "I can tell you that if I was starting brand new, and went to that site for ideas, I'd be TOTALLY intimidated! I'd just assume from the get-go that I did NOT have 'what it takes' to homeschool, if it HAS to look like that." 

This is not why I blog.

I blog to inspire "delightful learning."

Enough said?

Your homeschool does not HAVE to look like mine. And, um, my homeschool doesn't always look like that. And really, if you want a good picture of what our HOMEschool looks like then you need to read my WHOLE blog (not just my Five in a Row posts) and better yet, read my family blog, too. The post shared included a link to my day in the life series ~ a WHOLE week of our life shared day by day to show you more realness and answer your questions.

I just don't know what else I can do. . . (I really want to add "besides quit" right here, but I won't).