Currently | May 2017

Currently, I am...

cleaning like crazy to get our house ready for inspection

painting the walls to give the house a fresh clean look

scrubbing floors because they really needed it

rearranging furniture to make the house look nice

loving that the downstairs got some TLC sooner than later!

ordering curriculum for the coming year

opening up boxes of books!

getting into the habit of posting daily on Facebook. I'm mostly using it like I would my blog but with shorter blurps, shares, links, photos, and stuff. I even posted on Instagram - once, ha! I feel like I have a handle on Twitter and Pinterest, and as soon as I get a handle on Facebook, I'll try to post on IG. I'm trying really hard not to cross post, so if you follow me on all my social media platforms, you won't always see the same thing.

visiting with friends. I've seen more friends this month than I did all winter.

seeing family. My brother and his wife and family visited from Texas.

saying goodbye to Michelangelo the cat. The little boy we adopted him from moved back to town and was praying we would give him back. I knew how much he loved his cat, so we followed the Golden Rule. We will miss him, though. He was such a good cat and loved to be cuddled and held. He often followed me around the house, and I miss looking up and seeing him sitting in my chair or crawling on my lap to be snuggled.

thankful that soccer season is over. Oh so thankful.

loving the sunshine and the promise of summer and slower days. We have had more rainy, cool days than sunny this month, but when it's nice, the kids play outside all day.

celebrating Nathan's graduation from high school. I'm so happy for him that high school is history! More pics to come.

Until next time...


  1. Sounds great. I really can't keep up with more than Blogging and Facebook. I do also oversee my kids instagram accounts. Hope you have a lovely month.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. WOW, congrats Nathan. Don't they grow way, way too fast?! Crazy how big Bo is too... love to all.

  3. You are moving? To your mtn. home? Moving is always such work. We just sold my Mom's townhouse (in 5 days) and will probably close in 3 wks. or less, yeah! Congratulations to Nathan, and Mom! ... I'm missing the ordering curriculum days.