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Herbal Iced Tea That Tastes Like Real Iced Tea!

Who likes drinking iced tea in the summer time? 🙌🏻

I have since I can remember, but I can't have caffeine. Even if I drink decaf, I have to drink the same amount every day without exception, or else. I get migraine withdrawal headaches so bad that I avoid caffeine altogether. Unless it's in chocolate. 😳 It's such a bummer because I love coffee and tea!☕️

I loved it so much, but the migraines were debilitating. I cried out to God one day during a doozy, and He opened my eyes so I could see that it was the caffeine. That was 20 years ago, and I've dabbled in decaf, but I've completely cut the caff.

Up until recently, I had an herbal coffee that I didn't mind. At least it makes me feel like I'm drinking coffee. 😋 But, I didn't have an herbal iced tea that I loved until I discovered rooibos tea. I usually buy a 1 pound bag of loose tea from Azure Standard, but they were out, so I bought Edible Red Rooibos Tea Powder and have been using it to make iced tea.

Then, I remembered how I wanted to find an herbal instant tea powder to make Russian Tea. I'm not sure how it's supposed to be made, but as a kid, we made it with half instant tea, half Tang, and maybe some spices. We don't drink Tang anymore, but I would love to buy an organic orange powder mix to make Russian Tea now that I have instant tea!

How is it? 

It's not as good as brewing my own with loose leaf tea which is my preference. I like to brew it in a French press, sweeten with stevia, and serve over ice.

The powder does not completely dissolve, little tiny bits of tea sink to the bottom, and the tea is cloudy.

Herbal Iced Tea That Tastes Like Real Iced Tea!

But it's good! 😋

While it is an instant tea, it is actual dried leaf that has been powdered, so I prefer to brew it in the French press for 4-5 minutes and then strain. It strains out most of the sediment from the small powdered leaf.

And it tastes just like iced tea!

Oh, and the JAR. 💗 A mason jar is a year round favorite - especially with a metal straw.

I started drinking chamomile tea when we rowed the Tale of Peter Rabbit. I like just a plain chamomile tea, but I like it sweetened with stevia or honey. I like to drink it hot in the early morning while it is still chilly in the house. I also like to take it outside to sit in the sun and warm up. One day, Eliana made iced chamomile tea with half-and-half, and it was good!

I hope you enjoyed my first Friday Favorites post! I needed something fun and easy to write about this summer, so you can look forward to a few more posts like these while I get our curriculum in order for the new school year! ☺️ 

So... sweet or unsweet? Which do you prefer?

Happy Friday! 💛