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I am looking forward to taking a break from teaching math this school year by using CTCMath, a full online math curriculum for grades K-12 that does the all the teaching and grading for me.

I received the Family Membership - a one-year subscription to CTCMath to review with Eliana who is in the 5th grade and Boaz who is in the 1st grade, and while I wasn't planning to use an online math program for my youngest two this year, this program has been an amazing help during a busy fall season. In fact, we started the Free Trial to get a head start on our review because I knew I'd be busy.

How CTC Math Works:
  • View a tutorial video
  • Print a summary of the tutorial to use as homework or as a review
  • Complete the interactive questions (younger students) or worksheet (older students)
  • View and/or print solutions with step by step explanations
  • View progress reports to determine areas of further study

Our Experience:

Boaz - 1st grade

"I can do it on every electronic thing practically," says Bo. His favorite way to use CTCMath is on the computer, then the iPhone, and then the iPad. He can log himself in on whichever device is available at the time. He seems to like it.

There does not seem to be an overall diagnostic test to assess grade level, but each topic has it's own set of diagnostic tests. You can test out of a section, or watch the video and do the Questions.

Bo is working in the first grade level because it's easy and fun. He's actually 3 weeks into his 3rd grade math book before this review, but I knew he would like the online aspect of CTCMath, so I was excited to have him try it to give him a little more freedom. So far, it's working great. He loves it and is happy doing math daily. I like it because he can work independently at an accelerated rate. He is doing more online than he can do in his math workbook because of the amount of writing and copywork it requires. He likes being able to type the answers to the Questions, which is his favorite part of CTCMath.

Platinum is the highest level you can get, so Bo gets a certificate sent via email to congratulate him. 
When I log in to my parent account, I can see my students, and I can instantly view their last log in, overall grade, and number of lessons completed. I can view and assign tasks, and I can click to view their profile which allows me to view a detailed report, a summary report, diagnostic tests, tasks, awards, speed skills, and their history of use. I can also log in as my student.

I can view diagnostic reports, such as this one on Plane Shapes. 

Bo got a little hung up on the grading aspect of CTCMath. If he missed two, he'd quit because he knew he couldn't get a good score. He'd go work on another topic instead. But, CTCMath is one of the easiest parts of his day. I enjoy doing math with Bo with the program we currently use, but I really like the freedom he has to do as many lessons as he wants. He spends anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour on CTCMath and enjoys it.

Eliana - 5th Grade

While Bo is skipping around, Eliana is working systematically through the 5th grade lessons.

And while I had a good idea that Bo would like CTCMath, I wasn't sure about Eliana. She uses a living math curriculum and has had no desire to use anything else. But, I asked her to give it a try because we were having a hard time getting long division concepts to stick, and the thought of being freed up for one more subject appealed to me.

She started at the beginning and is systematically working through the 5th grade, so she hasn't quite reached long division yet, but it's coming up soon. It's challenging, but she is managing by redoing the questions over and over to improve her score. I finally told her not to worry about the cumulative of all her scores, but to go on once she passes. However, she wants that check mark that says she passed.

As we drew closer to the end of the review period, I asked her if she was ready to go back to her math book she was working in previously, and she said wants to keep doing CTCMath. Here's what she had to say about CTCMath:

I like the process of how it teaches math. He gives a lot of examples which helps me understand it. I like watching the videos because they are pretty quick and easy, and he explains things really well.

The Questions are sometimes difficult. The factors lesson was hard because they went into bigger numbers than I was used to. But, I can go back and do it [the lesson] again to make sure I understand it. And I can rate my understanding. I give myself 5 stars when I feel I understand it well.

The grading system is difficult because if I don't pass, I have to do it again until I do. But then I learn it better, and I'd rather do CTCMath than the math I was doing before.

I like the idea of her not only being able to do math independently, but to also be able to get immediate feedback and unlimited tries to improve her grade and her understanding.

CTCMath also three practice modes: Speed Skills (addition/subtraction), Times Table (multiplication), and Swap Pieces (a logic game). Malachi, my 12 year old, played the logic game over and over until he figured it out.

Final Thoughts about CTCMath

CTCMath tutorials are great for visual learners. It's computer based, so that's a plus for kids who like to be on the computer, and great for homeschool moms who need a break from daily grading and record keeping. You have the ability to change grade levels at any time and for any subject. The weekly email reports are nice and give me a detailed look at what each child did for math that week. And CTCMath keeps records of all your students, so I can still access my older boy's records when we used CTCMath years ago.

I think CTCMath is going to work out great for us all. I like having one less subject to teach, and my kids like doing the lessons. I like that we can do math on the computer, the iPad, or even my iPhone for math on the go. But, I mostly like that my kids are learning math without me.

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Crew Disclaimer

Update 11/2/17: We are still using CTCMath. My husband asked Eliana how school was going the other day, and she replied, "I think I am really starting to get the hang of math." Math has always been a struggle for her, so I'm thankful for CTCMath.


  1. Hi Michelle,
    It has been a long time since I have came for a visit, so I am slowly absorbing and reading through your posts (which I love!!!) Just wanted you to know that we use CTC Math too and it has mad all the difference for us!!!! The kids love it and being that math is not my strong subject to teach, it has helped out with frustration 100%. Always a joy to come visit...
    Carissa xo

  2. Hi Carissa, I was just thinking about you not too long ago, and went to pay you a visit, but I can no longer access your blog. I'm so glad to hear you like CTC Math, too! I'd be interested to know how long you've been using it, and how high you plan to go. This is the first time we've used it as our main curriculum.

  3. Hi Michelle,
    I don't know why that is happening with the blog, two other girls said that happened to them too. I sent them another invite and it all worked out... I'll send you one too for when you have time, no pressure though! ;-)
    We LOVE CTC math, it is from the Lord!!! We have been using it for three years now and my kids went from struggling with math and even being a bit behind in it, to full confidence with math and being a little ahead of their grade. Both of them said that they understand math now because of the way they are taught, I have even learned a few things myself. I found myself thinking: Why didn't someone teach it like that to me??? :-) The children love that they can watch the lesson as many times as they need until they understand it, and I love that we can skip around between grades and go back on lessons as much as we need to. Can't say enough good things about it, it has really taken the stress out of math for us.