Spring Break and a Math Lesson

We've been Spring cleaning and working in the garden the last couple weeks, so Mali (6) and Elli (4) have been on Spring Break. When I explained that we were taking a break from school, they both exclaimed "Yay!!!" I then said, (emphatically), "and when Spring break is over, we will get to do school again!" To which Elli again replied, "Yay!!! (smile)

Now that the weather is nice, she has been collecting the eggs from the chicken coop. It makes for a great math lesson every day. We mostly work on subtraction.

Elli: Mommy, I had 5 eggs but I dropped one and it cracked and the chickens ate it.
Me: Ohhh. So, how many do you have now?
Elli: 4


Elli: Mommy, I had 4 eggs, but I dropped one outside and it cracked and another one broke.
Me: Ohhh. Well, how many do you have now?
Elli: ummmm... 2.
Me: So what is 4 minus 2?
Elli: {Blank stare}
Me: Minus means to take away. If you had four and two were broken, how many are left?
Elli: 2!
Me: Yes! So, 4 minus 2 is?
Elli: 2!

I wonder how many more of these lessons we will have? I think I will get her a basket for collecting the eggs and work on addition next. 


  1. Ha! Now that is one way to turn a negative into a positive.

  2. I love how real life can be the best learning tool:)