The Duchess Bakes a Cake {FI♥AR + Core A Week 7}

We rowed The Duchess Bakes a Cake this summer along with Sonlight Core A Week 7, wherein we covered the Feudal System!  The book takes place in Medieval Times -- the time of knights, castles, kings, queens, dukes, and of course, duchesses! 

Along with our study of the Feudal System (scheduled readings from Living Long Ago), we. . . 
  • built a castle, made a catapult and played storm the castle!  

  • worked on a story map to discover the elements of a good story. 

  • made a "lovely, light, luscious, delectable cake!" 

To make our Heavenly Angel Food Cake lovely and light, we sifted. . .

 and sifted. . . 6 times for good measure! 

Then whipped it until it was especially light and fluffy! 

Then I put it in the oven, went to the Farmer's Market with the kids (pretending it was a Medieval Market, haha!),
and forgot about it! Nathan pulled it out of the oven when the timer went off,
but it needed 5-10 more minutes and the middle fell. . .
so, not lovely and light, but still luscious and delectable! 

Angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream is my favorite! In fact,
  the boys made me one for my birthday last week but with CHOCOLATE!!! 
My husband said you "can't have chocolate with angel food cake."
Haha, who says you can't?!
  • had a medieval dinner with flat bread "trenchers," roasted turkey legs, asparagus, and ginger{ale}. We learned that they used stale bread for plates, forks were not used yet, and water was not safe to drink, so ale or watered down beer was common in medieval times. 

Roasted Turkey Legs {Medieval Pops} 

Mini Medieval Pops for the little ones. :) 

  • and played chess! 

The Duchess Bakes a Cake is a Five in a Row selection from Volume 3.

Well, we had our first official day of school two weeks ago, are back into the swing of things and I do have pics to share of our first day still! Blogging wise, I've been busy working behind the scenes getting the FI♥AR Blog Roll and Link-Up all done! You can now link up {and find!} blogs that use the Five in a Row curriculum as well as individual posts on rows of each book as they are shared!

Thanks for linking up! 

Delightful Learning

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