Chicka Chicka 123

Tot School
~Eliana is 25 months ~
~Malachi is 48 mo. ~

We have been having fun with Chicka Chicka 123! It took a few times reading the book to convince both my 2 and 4 year old that the tree in this book is an apple tree and not a coconut tree! So, we had fun doing apple and number activities and even made a lapbook with my Totschooler and Preschooler. So, once again this is a combined post!

I couldn't help posting this video of Eliana reading Chicka Chicka 123 on her own. She is catching on to those ABC's! This video warms my heart and she loves watching it herself.

One of our first activities was to make apple juice!

Elli's turn to go first.

 Now, Mali's turn.
We love making fresh juice!

Next Eliana made apple prints.

I read this number rhyme to Mali and we worked on an apple number book.

Number Rhyme
0 Around, around, around you go. That’s the way to make zero!
1 A straight line down is lots of fun, thats because it's number one
2 Around and back on a railroad track. TWO! TWO!
3 Around a tree and around a tree, that's the way to make a three
4 Down and over and down some more, that's the way we make a four
5 Make a nice straight back then a big fat tummy. Put on a hat, a 5 looks funny.
6 Slant the line down, then go around. It's the number six we've found.
7 Across the sky, slant down from heaven that's the way to make a seven.
8 Make an ‘S’ but do not wait. Go back to the top, it's the number eight.
9 Make a oval and then a line. That's a fine number nine.

 My Numbers Book

On each page we stamped the correct number of apples, and I helped Mali draw the stem and a leaf so they look like apples.

Here are the templates for the book:
Here we are painting apples on the Dot Apple Tree and making fingerprint apples on the Counting Apples Mini Book.

Mali is adding number stickers to the lapbook and playing with the Apple Pattern Strips and Apple Match File Folder Game.

The finished lapbook!
The front and back covers:

The stickers came with the book (from Costco). I am excited about using the 100's chart with Mali. I showed him how all the numbers line up and make a pattern.

The inside:

Eliana working on matching the apples on the file folder game.

Delightful Links:

Four Red Apples
Apple Pattern Strips
Apple Match File Folder Game
Counting Apples Mini Book
Apple Fractions
Apple Math
Favorite Apple Color Graph
Dot Apple Tree
Apple Sequencing

(Note: If one of my links is not working it is because I linked to the original file and HSS is redirecting to the home page. Please see the Apple Pie Tree lapbook or the Johnny Apple Seed lapbook at Homeschool Share for apple resources).


  1. Love the video clip - it's fun to hear your daughter's voice (and yours too!). The apple counting book is cute!


  2. I LOVE the lapbook. This is totally going to be my next lapbook project to make with the kids! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I am working on planning a fun Chicka Chicka 1,2,3 unit to do with my 4 year old over the summer. I love your ideas, pictures, and websites. Thanks for sharing!

    Misty Zepp