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The Spring Journal: Weather Observations

We completed Spring Series #2: Spring Weather Observations today. We headed outside to make our observations this afternoon and then came in to discuss what we remember about weather ~ specifically clouds and cloud names.

My boys decided that we have cumulonimbus clouds. We had blue skies dotted with fluffy white clouds in the West . . .

. . . .and rain clouds in the East.

Time: 2:00pm

Temperature: 43 degrees

Wind Speed & Direction: NW @ 14mph

Sunrise: 6:27am Sunset: 7:48pm

Length of day: 13 hours 15 minutes

Humidty: 63%

Precipitation: None, but it looks like rain!

Malachi narrated his observations to me:

  • Cloud Type: "Puffy clouds and rain clouds"
  • Temperature: "Chilly"
  • Wind: "It feels cold and it has good stuff and we should be thankful for the wind." (Smile)
  • Precipitation: "I think it is going to rain and make puddles...and make reindeer smell bad." (Not sure where he got that!)

Do you just love his outfit? Cowboy boots, PJ bottoms and a soccer jersey. When I told him we were heading outside, he hurried to get dressed (on his own). =)

What about hers? Moon boots, skorts, and nylons. =)

Also, I made a Cloud Finder to help with cloud discovery.

Today was one of those days that I am sure that hearing the words, "Let's go outside for a nature study" was music to my children's ears.

We also made observations for our Seasonal Tree Study, but we are waiting for more prominent changes to journal about it.

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