All About Reading Level 4 is now available!

Just in case you haven't seen the announcement yet, All About Reading Level 4 (my affiliate link!) is now available! Not only that, Level 4 is on sale for $20 off TODAY through the 15th! This is a special release sale that All About Learning Press only offers during the release celebration, so if you are planning to use Level 4, NOW is the time to buy.


ALSO, All About Learning Press has a giveaway for Level 4 going on to celebrate the release of Level 4. Winner will be announced on the 15th, the last day of the sale, so you will still have time to order if you don't win. Sale and giveaway is over now, but I will be hosting a giveaway soon!

However, if you purchase the AAR Level 4 Materials during the sale period AND win the giveaway, they’ll refund your purchase price and shipping costs!

Go ahead, go enter!

I just downloaded this FREE activity to review Level 3 words with Malachi. You can download it for free here or by clicking below.

We've been using All About Reading since it first released and it has been such a blessing to have in our homeschool. It has truly made a difference for me and my children. We love learning with All About Learning Press!

You can read more about what I think below:

I am an affiliate for All About Learning Press because I genuinely love and use this product. If you make a purchase through a link in my post, I will receive a commission. This helps support my homeschool and is very much appreciated! Thank you so much!


  1. This looks great! Will Malachi be using level 4... I can't decide if I should use level 4 with my 3rd grader or just transition into AAS. I have a hard time getting everything done with 4 littles. I don't know how you do it what you do and make it look so good!

  2. Hi Meagan, that is my plan. I'm anxious to see Level 4, considering it is supposed to be the last level. We will continue on with AAS for sure when we are done. Level 3 was easy for him, but it boosted his confidence and fluency. Don't forget I have older boys who help me! :)