My Student Logbook {Review}

My Student Logbook Review
Do you need an easy way to track your student's progress on a daily basis? Does your student need an easy way to know when they are done with school for the day? If so, you'll love My Student Logbook!

What are My Student Logbooks?

My Student Logbook is an automated logbook to track your child's homeschooling progress. I am using the undated My Student Logbook - the Vintage Map Logbook, with Malachi.

Price: $15

The logbooks are ideal for 2nd grade and up, and so far it is working so well for my 4th grader that I keep thinking I need to order one for my 2nd grader. It has become such a wonderful and routine part of our day that when our day falls apart, I can pull it back together by grabbing Malachi's logbook to see where we left off.

How did we use it?

I used this with my 4th grader, Malachi, to track his daily subjects. (It can also be used to track chores, and I plan to add those in next week since we are finally getting into a nice homeschooling rhythm.)  I also use it as a motivational tool. He needs to get all of his subjects done to play on his soccer team.

I started with a blank checklist. The set up is very simple ~ the checklist is folded to tape inside the logbook. See detailed instructions on how to set it up.

I started with sticky notes to get comfortable with the process. I was able to rearrange his subjects this way. He moved them around until he felt like they were in a good, workable order, and then I wrote them in. On the back of the flap is a space to add notes. I wrote in how many pages or lessons we needed to do each week in each subject so I would know how many days to schedule them.

Then, I highlighted the days that I wanted him to do each subject. I like that it gives him a visual reminder of what he needs to do each day.

Because Malachi's logbook is undated, I wrote in the date and the days of the week. I like the undated because I can just write in the days that he is doing school that week, if we have a short week. However, if I had the dated, I could just as easily cross off that day or write in "No school today!" After using the undated for a few weeks, I decided I might like to have a dated one. :) But, I also like that instead of dates and days of the week, you can also write in the day in school you are in for a running total.

When you finish a week, you simply flip the page, tuck it under the checklist and start a new week! In this sense, it is "automated."

What I like about My Student Logbook:

I like that it encouraged me to list out his subjects one by one, decide which order I want them done in (we don't always do them in order), and how much time they will take, or when they need to be done. I like that it gives Malachi a way to track his progress and that I can open his logbook at any given time and see how far along he is in his school. I also like that it is pretty "automatic" after you get your subjects entered, but can be easily updated with a new checklist. (The checklists may be photocopied, which is great because I only have 2 left).

While a simple checklist would do the same job, I've tried them over the years and I never follow through with them. My Student Logbook does the work for you through its automated process.

What I don't like:

I don't like that the pages are easily torn and look worn after a weeks worth of use. I like neat, so this is hard for me. I bent a brand new page (below) after closing the logbook. I'm not sure how to solve this, but I put a binder clip at the top of the page to hold the flap down so it doesn't bend when you close the book. It also serves as a bookmark for the week he is on.

I think My Student Logbook would be great for:

  • any homeschool mom that wants an easy way to know that their child is done with their school for the day or week

  • any homeschool student who likes to work through their subjects systematically

  • any homeschool student who likes to know when they are actually done with their school

  • an eclectic homeschooler who does not follow a boxed curriculum with a schedule

  • a homeschooler who does use a boxed curriculum, but needs a way to log their extra subjects

  • and for creating independence

My Student Logbook can be used to create High School Transcripts as well.

Other various forms are included in the log book:

  • All About Me (log your students stats for the year)

  • Prayers and Goals

  • Books Read

  • Events, Projects, Field Trips, Presentations, Activities

  • Test Records

  • Year Highlights

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  1. I love the highlighting idea. What a great way to keep this product even more organized than it already is. Definitely going to implement that in my son's logbook.

  2. I love the highlighting idea as well since there are days we do not do certain subjects!

  3. This review shows me how different we all implement things! When I read "time" I just put in how LONG it would take us to do something. Not the actually time of day. Same thing with the order. I just wrote all the things that needed to be done and then let him pick the order.

    I never had an issue with my page becoming worn...My book fold very nicely without any bending.

    i like the idea of highlighting better than our "X" it out. I will be implementing that idea from you this next week!

  4. Lisa, we still check off the highlighted boxes. The highlights are just to help him see which days he needs to do a subject as not all are done everyday.

    Ours gets carried around the house and is left open a lot, so it probably wears much quicker.

    I considered both amount and time, but I am really trying to get into a good rhythm so we tried the time. I let him pick the order, but they are not always done in order, so I will probably leave the time off next time.

  5. We enjoyed using our Logbook, too and I must say I LOVE your idea to highlight the days that subject must be done! I would just draw lines or make dashes if he didn't need to do something that day, but then it starts looking very messy! Thanks for the tip ; )

  6. I have made and order that is still in process because I chose to do a bank transfer to pay. I thought it would walk me through how to do that. Idk how and have been unable to reach the company through their web site or fb message. I've left 3 messages. Do you have a phone number for them?

  7. Hi Lea, it might take a few days to hear back, but I'm sure they will reply soon! It took a few days when I contacted them! I'm sorry they don't have a phone contact!

  8. They got back to me and were super helpful!! I'm so excited to try it out!Thank you!