Pre-reading With Bo {Letter E}

Pre-reading update on Lesson 5 ~ Letter E! Mostly a photo update this time. Bo made thumbprint peanuts to feed the elephant, colored the elephant, traced the letter E, and played a rhyming words memory game with Ziggy.

See an introduction and more detail with Letters A & B, and Letters C & D.

We've since completed letters F and G (last week) and are rowing My Big Green Pocketbook. Bo is doing great with the rhyming cards, but he can't rhyme without the cards yet. Is he memorizing the rhyming words? Is he a visual learner?! One thing I love about All About Reading is that rhyming will continually be reinforced throughout the program, so I am bookmarking activities he can't do yet, and will come back to them.


  1. Michelle,
    Hello love! Looks like Bo is doing great with his pre-reading! Next week we will be kicking off B4FIAR with Justin and all his "official" stuff. I look forward to watching him explore and soar!

    Justin hasn't worked on rhyming yet. It will be part of the first row we are doing though because we are doing Goodnight Moon first. Once he gets the hang of it, I'm hoping he will be able to do more of the Essential Skills Advantage Kindergarten portion with rhyming. He just loves that program.

    Your Bo's looks are changing again. His precious face is thinning out and he's totally shifting into a preschooler look. Why do our baby boys have to grow up so fast? (sigh)

    Looking forward to your upcoming posts...interested to see what your curriculum looks like for the new year.

    Love from Kentucky!


  2. Hey Lady! Hope you have a great week with Goodnight Moon! What a fun book to start with! I see it in him too. sniff. sniff. I see it in your boys too. All the more reason to make these moments count. <3