Currently | December 2016

Currently, I am...

reading aloud These Happy Golden Years

loving Throwback Thursday for an easy weekly post

listening to the Forbidden Doctor podcasts

watching a lot of Netflix

slowing from housework - a forced slow

doing only what I must until I have my strength and energy back

teaching from bedrest

learning all I can about adrenal fatigue

ordering an adrenal stress index test

feeling anxious and depressed but hopeful towards the end of the month

happy about the whole food supplements I am taking from Standard Process via The Forbidden Doctor 

celebrating Bo's 6th birthday with a fireman theme and Playmobil

connecting with Nathan via FaceTime to sing happy birthday to Bo

baked a yummy cherry cake for Bo's birthday and can't stay out of it

trying to avoid sugar so it doesn't feed the pathogenic bacteria in my gut

taking probiotics on an empty stomach twice a day - starting off slow

cooking grassfed steak or eggs fried in coconut oil every morning

eating healthy fats, avocados, grassfed beef, free range eggs, fermented cod liver oil, cooked veggies, and bone broth

craving donuts, french fries, and a french dip on a toasted sourdough hoagie

needing to make a batch of cultured veggies but it will have to wait

thinking about what we will do for school next year

reflecting on what a challenging year 2016 has been

pondering the future but trying to stay present

waiting for something to happen

ready for change, a fresh start, and a new year


  1. Sounds like a busy time for you and your family. Such a blessing to be able to connect with others through technology. Hope the changes you are making and trying to make help you be the healthy, happy you that you want to be. - Lori

  2. Ugh, adrenal fatigue. It's the worst. I hope you get some results to help you. I've been there. I could almost share this list too. I am feeling like a fresh start too.

  3. Thank you, Lori! You too!

    It really is, Desire. I am really hopeful with the whole food supplements I'm
    taking - I'm actually sleeping well at night again. What did you do? Are
    you still struggling with it?

    Here's to a fresh start for both of us!

  4. Michelle,
    Adrenal Fatigue is the pits! One of my other friends struggled with it a couple years ago.

    Rest, learning to rest, and good food really do help a lot! Does your supplementation include magnesium? I'm finding that it helps me a lot with my fatigue (not adrenal, but just plain worn out,) and so many people are deficient in magnesium. Praying you feel better soon.

  5. Carol, I bought the spray because I heard that too. That and that chocolate cravings could be a deficiency in magnesium - which I do often have, so I'm sure I'm deficient. :D Thank you for praying - I really appreciate it!

  6. Busy time. here's to a great 2017

  7. Michelle, You will be in my prayers, dear one. While I don't have the same diagnosis, I understand the waiting for answers and restricted diet. I have a rare autoimmune, neuromuscular disease that effects how my stomach processes food. Unfortunately, I can't eat fresh fruits and vegetables, which naturally I crave desperately. The steak sounds delicious! Another food I can no longer eat. God will be your strength when you can't go on. He will fight your battle for you when you need to rest. Hang in there, dear one!

  8. Look at your beautiful children all growing up! I still picture them as I met them and yet they grow up too fast :)

    I am praying for you and hope that you feel a renewal of energy soon.