Around the World in 80 Days: Chapters 25-28

Chapter 25 In Which a Slight Glimpse is Had of San Francisco Synopsis:  Fogg and Fix find themselves at a political “meeting” and have to engage the services of a tailor afterward!
Chapter 26 In Which Phileas Fogg and Party Travel by the Pacific Railroad Synopsis:  Fogg, Passepartout, Aouda, and Fix take a train ride.
  • Discussion questions from Trail Guide
  • Locate and label Sacramento, Utah, Ogden, Salt Lake City, Kansas, Colorado,Oregon and Missouri, Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevada Range, Reno, and Carson City
  • Divisions and lines of the Pacific Railroad - Central and Union Pacific
Chapter 27 In Which Passepartout Undergoes, at a Speed of Twenty Miles an Hour, a Course of Mormon History Synopsis:  Passepartout learns about Mormon history.
  • Discussion questions from Trail Guide
  • History of Salt Lake City
  • Mormon History
Chapter 28 In Which Passepartout Does Not Succeed in Making Anybody Listen to Reason Synopsis: Passepartout can’t seem to make anyone listen to reason. The train has come to a stop because the bridge is not passable and is in ruins. The men decide to get a running speed to fly over the bridge. Passepartout's suggestion was reasonable and made sense, but no one listened!
  • Discussion questions for Trail Guide
  • History of the railroads and building of the Transcontinental Railroad