Tot School ~ Dots, Dandelion and Fly Swatter Painting

Tot School
~Eliana is 28 1/2 months old~

Some pictures of Eliana on a hike we took last weekend.

While we were staking out where will will build a cabin, Elli snuck up on us with her "Tickle Bug."


Then she occupied herself for a long time wrapping pink tape around and around the hanging tape.
Her brother is learning about the letter d, so we read My "d" Book.

In it, "Little d" gathers up items that begin with the letter d and put them in her sound box. I asked Elli if she wanted to make a d box. She went and got one of her pink baby dolls, (like the girl in the story did) and put it in a box. :-)

Then I gave her a cut out letter D and a sheet of neon dot stickers.


She worked diligently until she was satisfied!

We did another activity with Mali and made a dot collage.

She did not hesitate to dump all the dots on the page and seemed quite happy with it!
Then, I gave her the pom poms and a bottle on a tray. I was intending for her to just play with them, but she looked at me like I was forgetting something. She looked at my desk (where I keep tot school supplies) and I asked her if she wanted the tongs. She did. :-)

She was happy with herself and seems to be getting along better with the tongs.

Dandelion Painting

She did not want to use the yellow! I told her if she made a few yellow ones, I would get the purple paint out (I had already poured the yellow paint out). She made purple ones right on top of the yellow ones!

Flower Fly Swatter Painting
I can't remember where I saw this idea, but I picked up the fun fly swatter at the Dollar Tree. This was a lot of fun!

Sewing A Button
I exchanged the children's needle for a yarn needle and she sewed being careful of the needle tip.

Paper Clip Color Matching?
Months ago, I made a version of this game by laminating strips of colored paper and attaching them with a ring. Elli is not interested at all in trying this tray! I asked her to give it a try, and sweet as she is, she went to my desk and pulled out a sheet of stickers and started decorating them! I thought she was creative in how she played with them. She told me she didn't know how to put the paper clips on, so I showed her how and she put 1 on.

Paper Dolls

She still enjoys playing with these! 
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