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Around the World in 80 Days: Chapters 29-32

Chapter 29:  In Which Certain Incidents Are Narrated Which Are Only to Be Met with on American Railroads
Synopsis: Passepartout saves the passengers on the train from a band of Sioux Indians.
  • Discussion questions from Trail Guide to World Geography
  • Discuss why the Native American's felt threatened by the "iron horse."
  • Locate and label Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Jersey 
Chapter 30:  In Which Phileas Fogg Simply Does His Duty
Synopsis: Fogg saves Passepartout!
  • Discussion questions from Trail Guide
  • Daily life on a train
  • Role of Fort Kearney in American History
Chapter 31:   In Which Fix the Detective Considerably Furthers the Interests of Phileas Fogg
Synopsis: Fix helps obtain a sledge to transport them after the train leaves without them.
  • Discussion questions from Trail Guide
  • Wolves and their hunting strategies
Chapter 32:  In Which Phileas Fogg Engages in a Diect Struggle With Bad Fortune
Synopsis: They miss the boat for London and Fogg secures passage for them on a boat heading in the wrong direction!
  • Discussion questions from Trail Guide
  • Label the Hudson River and Lake Michigan

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