What's Next?

Many have asked me what's next, so here it is!

We will be continuing with Prepare and Pray and Apologia Zoology 1: Exploring Creation with Flying Creatures. (We finished Zoo 2 and came back to study insects in Zoo 1) We will pick these back up in July. I am hoping to add Math to our laid back summer routine, but I know this will not come easy. I would also like to do some nature journaling.

And this fall, we will begin Biblical History.

A little about it from the website:
"a chronological history unit study designed for multi levels grades 4-12 . . ."
{I can teach all my boys together}
. . . "It includes Bible, history, geography, literature, government, composition, agriculture, religion, science, economics, and more. . . with "minimal preparation" {normally, but I am already planning to modify it, which does require some prep on my part}
"This book’s focus is on Bible history, as opposed to most ancient-history studies (even many Christian-based texts), which concentrate on the pagans in ancient times, ignoring God's people. For example, in this book's Ancient Egypt Unit the focus is on Joseph, Moses, the Exodus, and God's people (rather than on the pyramids and gods of Egypt). Our Ancient Greece and Rome units focus on the Israelites fighting against idolatry under Greek and Roman rule (rather than on Greek mythology and Roman gods). We also include an in-depth unit study of Ancient Israel." {Looking forward to this!}

And from Answers in Genesis: Ancient Civilizations and the Bible: From the website:
". . . a panorama of world history spanning from 4004 BC to AD 29, exploring creation, the Flood, the Tower of Babel, and the rise of civilizations from Mesopotamia to Rome. You will see God’s purposes worked out through His chosen people, Israel, culminating in the birth of the Messiah, Jesus Christ."
I have already planned out the first unit and these two books will flow together nicely with a few modifications. These along with the following books will be our main resources:

As well as a wonderful selection of living history books:

New this year, we will be adding Language Lessons from Queen Homeschool Supplies. We will continue with Writing Strands, Reading to Learn, Getty-Dubay Italic Handwriting, and Singapore Math.

I'd also like to read a living grammar book called Grammar Land.

And did I mention that I am setting sail with The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Homeschool Blog Crew? That means I will be trying out some new curriculum and review it here (which means I will need to be flexible with my plans to schedule these in).

I ordered much more than I could possibly use this year ~ The Explorers Series, and the Wonders of Creation Series and more!

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  1. Thanks for posting these resources! I'm off to read about them now. Hope I don't see anything too tempting:-).