I is for Insects

~Malachi is 4 1/2 years~

We had been on a steady course of studying the consonants until we lost our Go For the Code book. So instead of a consonant, we decided to pick up our first vowel last week! We had too many "Ii" things going on to not do this letter, so here is what we have been up to!

Bible Verse:
(Sing the Word From A-Z)

"I Am the vine and you are the branches.
Listen to the words of John 15:5:

If a man remains in me
and I in Him,
he bear much fruit
apart from Me you can do nothing."


Inch by Inch, by Leo Lionni
My "i" Book, (My First Steps to Reading), by Jane Belk Moncure

Poems and Songs:

Itsy Bitsy Spider

by Katrina Lybbert

Inchworm, inchworm on the ground,
Crawling slowly, not a sound,
Do you wonder what you'll see,
When you pass beyond that tree?

Careful now, my little friend,
A bird is just around the bend,
Better hide inside that tree,
Where you will be safe and free!


Ink Ii's and Index Cards

Making "Ii's" with an ink pad on index cards.

Inch Worm

See how to make these here ~ Jolanthe has a great tutorial!

Insect Ice Treasures!

Both my little ones really enjoyed this activity and they spent a good amount of time playing with this! They sprinkled salt and watched the changes in the ice as it began to melt. Then they poured warm water over it to melt the ice quicker.

Italian Cream Soda's

See how we made these here!



We have been learning about Insects in our Apologia Science ~ Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day ~ so we practiced writing and stickering. I wrote "Ii" on the board and then wrote the word "insect" and gave Malachi some insect stickers. He surprised me by writing the word (I was only showing him how I is the first letter of the word).

We have learned that:
  • all insects have 6 legs
  • adult insects have an exoskeleton and a body with three segments
  • most insects have a compound eye and wings
Malachi has been sitting in for quite a few of our Apologia lessons and picked up on quite a bit! You can read more about our AE lessons here!

We also made a cute edible Insect Zoo for Muffin Tin Monday ~ see that here!



Malachi is measuring the distance of objects in inches.

We found our Go For the Code book! We spent some time catching up this week and we are ready to get back on track with our consonant study next week with the letter Yy. Vv, Zz, Qq, and Xx will follow!

To see more of our alphabet fun, click here and to see what others are doing for preschool, click here!


  1. OK, I won't lie--I haven't read the whole post yet--but we are doing that ice/insect activity this week!! I'll link to you:-). I just purchased 3 bags of plastic insects from Dollar Tree about an hour ago--this is awesome!!

    I'll be back to comment again later:-). The ice cream jumped out at me too:-).

  2. Loved the insect ice treasures! We will definitely have to do this one. We also use the "Code" series.

    Virginia Lee

  3. Great ideas as always. Interestingly, we also read "Inch by inch" last week, and Anna kept playing it with me saying "measure my song!". I wish I knew about this cute inchworm then.