In the Kitchen With Mom ~ Italian Cream Soda


Italian Cream Soda's are really easy and quick to prepare with just a few ingredients!

You will need:
  1. Carbonated water (club soda, seltzer water)

  2. Your favorite flavor of Italian drink syrups* (available in the coffee section at the store)

  3. Half and Half (you can omit this if you just want an Italian Soda)

  4. Ice

  5. Whipped Cream (optional, but very yummy!)

*My favorite flavor from years ago is kiwi, but we chose a syrup that is naturally flavored.

To Make:
  1. Put ice in a tall glass

  2. Pour syrup over the ice

  3. Fill with soda water leaving some room at the top for the half and half

  4. Add the half and half and stir (the amount depends on how creamy you want it)

  5. Add whipped cream if you desire

  6. Enjoy!

Note: we use 1-2 ounces syrup, 8 ounces soda water, 1 ounce half and half.

So simple!

All the kids loved it. Me too!

I'm heading on over to Susana's to see what she and others made for Simply Made Sunday ~ In the Kitchen with Mom!


  1. Where do you find your recipes--doesn't matter--I'm just so glad you share them.

    I've never made this or tried it, but have wanted to over the years when we've been out and it's been on the menu!

  2. Susana, I first learned to make these on my own - because I loved them so much. They really are simple! And fun to entertain with. Later on, I worked in a friend's small shop that sold specialty drinks. That was a fun job! *Ü*

  3. What a fun recipe! I would love to try it. I'm not sure if my kids would like it because they don't like anything carbonated, but I want it for myself! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I LOVE cream soda. I'm sure this takes the cake, though. Looks GOOD!

  5. Sweet in every sense of the word! LOL. I loved the pic of two of your kids drinking from the same cup.

  6. great idea to make something so simple as drinks yet so enjoyable to make!! :) thanks for sharing

  7. These are like fancy but they look pretty easy to make! I never knew regular people could make them. ;)

  8. My kids would love this. I love the photos of your kids making the soda together. Sweet.

  9. And to think I use to make these for a job! LOL...they are awesome and fun to make...Andi

  10. "YUM!", says the kid in me, and the grown-up too, for that matter. : )