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Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth

We have put over 700 miles on our minivan in the last five days and have 400 more to go in the next two days! Life has been full and there has been lots to do! Even so, we still managed to make a muffin tin today, thanks to my kids who love it so much! Of course, they love it! But, I love it, too, for several reasons:
  • In trying to be creative, I am serving them foods I normally wouldn't and I am surprised at what my little ones are willing to eat! (Namely vegetable garnishes like the tomatoes, green onions, etc).
  • I love that the small portions in the muffin tin leads to a greater variety of foods.
  • I love that it makes them feel so special.
  • I love that they thank me for their MTM each time I make one.
  • I love that it is a way to tie in what we are learning with something fun and creative to eat!
So since we will be on the road for the next couple days, I tried to make a snack type meal, so the leftovers can be eaten up on the road! Oh! And in our travels, we picked up 5 steel muffin tins (I do not like to use aluminum) at the Dollar Tree! So, we have enough to go around now! I also picked up some fun muffin cups at Michael's for 25% off. :-)

We chose our own theme this week and decided that since we have been studying Insects in our Apologia Science over the last 6 weeks, we would create an Edible Insect Snack Zoo for our Muffin Tin!

Our Edible Insect Zoo contains:
  • Ladybug Appetizers (round butter cracker, cream cheese, organic plum tomato, black olive)
  • A very fat (and full) caterpillar! (round butter crackers and peanut butter with a plum tomato head)
  • Peanut Butter Honey Bee (edible peanut butter play dough (*see recipe below), melted chocolate and almond slices)
  • Chocolate Covered Ants on a Log (Chocolate covered raisins on peanut butter and celery)
  • Beetles (Black olives)
  • Butterfly Cheese Slice with mustard
  • Dirt Cup (chocolate pudding with honey bear grahams crushed on top)
  • Beetle Juice or Bug Juice (and we decorated the cup with insect stickers)
  • Fly in the Dough cookies (Chocolate Chip Cookies)
  • Fly Swatter to keep those flies away! (Butter square pretzel and a pretzel stick held on with cream cheese)

They loved their Muffin Tin Meal! I think this one was one of our favorites so far!

Be sure to visit Michelle @ Her Cup Overfloweth to see more creative and fun Muffin Tin Monday meals!


  1. I LOVE all of this. The caterpillar, lady bug, fly swatter, your new flower liners--it is all so adorable and so yummy looking too!

    You did a super job! I wish I could have served this one for my two this week:-)--LOVE IT!!

  2. OMG! This is SOOO cute! I love the bugs and the net! Very creative! :)

  3. wow i am blown away by this... you did a great job with this weeks muffin tin and im sure your children LOVED it.. thank you so much for sharing, i did get a lot of ideas! :)

  4. Fantastic! LOVE it. I have to get more creative.

  5. Very, very cute! That flyswatter is ingenius! I'll have to copy sometime. ;o)

  6. Wow!I would be happy if someone served this to ME! =) Good job!

  7. Your muffin tin is gorgeous! What a fantastic job! I'm so impressed by all of it.

  8. These are fabulous! We did an insect meal years ago that was "sort of" like this, but this one goes above and beyond! Can't wait to try these out on the kids; good job!

  9. This is amazing! What a beautiful and creative tin. How fun!

  10. How fun! Love the fly swatter, and I am beyond impressed that you do it even on the road.

  11. It looks fantastic! No wonder they are crazy about it! and nutricious too.

  12. Oh my goodness! Your ideas are all darling. Thanks for sharing!

  13. You are pumping out some nice reviews here-good job.
    I gave ya an award, you can pick it up here:http://1of100toscrewreviews.blogspot.com/2009/08/ohh-award.html

    Glad you are on our TOS team this year! Blessings,
    FM Sheri

  14. What a fantastic theme, you put so many fun details into this one. What lucky kids you have!

  15. Michelle, happy traveling. The MTM's are always a bit of inspiration for me to "think creatively" even though I don't have any that age.

    An idea for a muffin tin for my crew is to use magnetic numbers and use them to solve for the unknown, practice fact families, if you have enough numbers. I think the kids would enjoy doing their math on a muffin tin. A dozen correct answers could equal the enjoyment of a homemade muffin of their choice! Blessings!

  16. I am loving your blog! How do you do your picture format like that? It is so great!

  17. Your edible insect zoo is absolutely DELIGHTFUL beyond imagination!

    Almost too sweet to eat.

    It's meals and memories like this that your kiddos will always treasure and never forget.

  18. I get excited every time you post your mtm posts. I really think I would like to start doing my own mtm's. I know the boys would love it.

    I love the insect theme! (That would be what I would do--themes that go along with what they're learning or like.)

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