Whole Foods Cooking with Sue Gregg

We love whole food cooking, but after awhile, it is hard. Hard to pull together a meal quickly when you haven't planned ahead. That is my biggest problem. Along with coming up with new ways to serve them.

We store dry foods such as lentils, yellow split-peas, whole green peas, pinto beans, corn, red beans, brown rice, etc. And guess what we eat the most of?

Pinto beans!

That is because I know how to prepare them and love them with homemade tortillas or organic tortilla chips, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and homemade ranch - just like a taco or burrito. I am just a little intimidated by the rest of the list because I don't know how to cook them well. So they sit in pretty jars lined up and I know that someday I will use them for more than just grinding into flour for more nutritious tortillas - a great way to sneak them in for kids, and as long as I don't put too many green peas in, they don't notice!

Well, Sue Gregg has an even better idea! And some wonderful ways to cook them that are not only tasty, but wholly good for you!

Here are a few of her recipes that we tried:

Yellow Split Pea Soup

Another try at the same recipe using whole green peas that I sprouted.

Country Creole Peas n' Corn

Cream of Zucchini Soup

This was our favorite! And a great way to use zucchini.

Yogurt Pie

This was the only recipe we modified. I omitted the pineapple and coconut and substituted unflavored gelatin for for all natural lemon kosher gel. We also made a lime yogurt pie. It made a refreshing summer pie - one that we will make often for sure!

We thought all of the recipes were great and we plan on adding them to our menu on a regular basis. I froze 35 cups of zucchini already (and hope to shred more) and I purchased more peas in bulk (yellow split, whole green peas) and black eyed peas (which are really a bean!) in bulk. I had never even cooked a black eyed pea before! I am very happy to have a new desire to try new beans!

And as part of the homeschool crew, I get to review one of Sue Gregg's cookbooks, so I am excited to learn more!


  1. Great review! I really like how you posted the photos of the cooking projects. I don't think mine is as good as yours, but you're welcome to check my review out at www.homesteadblogger.com/wyldhousehomestead/140982/

  2. I love all your pictures! Great review!

  3. You have got to post the recipe for the yogurt pie, but please with the pineapple and coconut. I have been eating so much pineapple lately--craving it and loving it:-)!!

  4. I bookmarked the cream of zucchini. But, you OMITTED the pineapple and coconut?? WHAT??!?!? Are you crazy? LOL Let's see...if I remember correctly, Luke doesn't like pineapple, right?

  5. Great review. I loved your pictures throughout the process. Pretty dishes too :) We loved the yogurt pie too. The first time I included the coconut. The kids don't like coconut :( I was eating it for every meal--yummy for breakfast. It's fruit and yogurt, what's not to love ;) Off to get the zucchini soup recipe-looks yummy!
    I'll have to get mine posted.

  6. What a wonderful review! I love all the pictures. Was the zucchini soup one of the recipes on her site? I did not notice it.

  7. I will be over soon, and bringing 6. I think the Zucchini soup sounds really, really good (esp. since it is pouring rain today and chilly). Nice review!