Box Day for the Youngest Child | Unpacking Sonlight A Upgrades

Bo will be my last child to use Level A - Intro to the World: Cultures. It's bittersweet - my baby is growing up fast, and I love this level!

My youngest gets a lot of hand me down curriculum, but since I bought this level 5 years ago, I upgraded Sonlight Level A, so he could have his own little box day.

He immediately fell in love with Cappyboppy. 

I put the Level A and Science A guides in a binder for now so I could look at it easily, but I won't be leaving them in binders for long. Binders are great for storing Instructor Guides, but they are bulky are hard to use when school is in progress. 

I love the new changes (and the new books!), but I especially love the way the old 5-day science books have been incorporated and of course the color in the IG and science pages!

If you are thinking about upgrading and wondering if you should, I vote yes!

Sonlight makes it easy to order. A click of a button added all the most recent updates to my cart.

Adventures with Waffles must have been a previous update, but I caught it and added it to my cart.

Then we unpacked the rest for him to see all the amazing books we are going to read and enjoy this year!

When we got all the books stacked up and sorted by subject, I was sad to see a few favorites go like The Story About Ping, Curious George, and Little House and the Big Woods.  There were eight to go from when I purchased A for Eliana and Malachi, but all these new books look great. 

I will share soon how I set up Level A this year. Until then, here's our original Box Day and how I set up Level A the first time when we were doing 4 Cores.  (I had a central loading station that housed all IGs, and I pulled out books for the week at the end of the week for the next). 

More #sonlightstories from Level A:

That was all of our summer learning fun. I share updates here and there in my Homeschool Mom Journal entries like this one and this one, but the rest of the year was mostly reading and enjoying the books. 

Until next time... 


  1. That last picture of him with all of his books is priceless!!!!! So sweet.
    (and I love "The Story Of Ping"!!!!!) xo

  2. Aw, thank you! We're sure excited for the coming year. ♥