First Day | August 2017

Today, I am sharing a day in the life from this week - Tuesday, August 1st, 2017. One of the things I love about doing a day in the life on the first day of the month is that it is random, and I usually don't remember to do it until that morning (or not at all - it's been awhile).

This is a summer day.

6:30 am woke, made my bed, folded a load of laundry, took my morning supplements, and made chocolate chip muffins.

7:30 am hubby got kids up and ready for bowling camp, and I dropped them off at the bowling alley at 8:30 am while he went to his Tuesday morning staff meeting.

9:00 am While kids were at camp, I shopped at K-mart's going out of business sale. I bought Elli socks.

10:00 am my friend Hailey picked up the kids from camp and kidnapped them - took them to get tacos and then to her house so they could play.

11:00 am I finished knitting a mason jar cozy last night and had hoped to felt it today, so I texted Jenny who gave me the pattern to ask how she felted hers. I need to throw it in the washing machine, but I'm all caught up on laundry, so it will have to wait until Friday. I had a hard time keeping my stitches tight when I changed needles, but it will felt together. I love that about knitting with wool.

Laundry is all done, so I hope to clean the school room, vacuum, and have the kids detail the inside of the car (none of those things happened today). 

Hubby is off early tonight, and I have soft tacos planned for Taco Tuesday. I might make a cheese sauce to go with chips, too (didn't happen).

Hubby popped in for a bite to eat (leftover spaghetti sauce with gluten-free elbow macaroni). 

I have been taking my shower in the evenings since it's been nice and cool in the mornings, so I'll take one later (thankfully, that did happen). 

I haven't been on the computer much, so I really need to catch up...

12:00 pm 

I posted my July edition of Currently and posted it today backdating it to the 31st at 11:59 pm, finished a review that opened today (I like to sleep on a review once I've finished it, so I'll post it tomorrow), and filled out two VIFs for new products up for review - vendor interest forms give us a chance to rate our level of interest in a product which is really nice. Neither product is a good fit for our family or homeschool, so I rated them accordingly. 

2:00 pm I picked the kids up and found Malachi playing Blockus with Hailey and her husband while the other kids were lounging. They played out in the yard with their pet pig and chickens earlier, but were tired and ready to come home.

I thought Malachi was needed to help move goals, but he didn't need him after all, so I watched the Storks movie with the kids. Malachi was happy. I helped move goals yesterday, and it took us an hour to move two goals - they are huge at 18 feet long. Thankfully, they are all moved to the new 5th Street Fields (which have not been officially named yet). Our Y is building a new aquatic center where the original soccer fields are, which is pretty exciting, but means the kids will need rides to games now.

5:00 pm We had tacos for dinner as planned. My husband has adult soccer league tonight so he came home for an early dinner.

We had some happy mail (Crew mail) come today, so after dinner was reading time and some Crew school. Bo read a If You Were Me and Lived in Egypt - a Carole P. Roman book I am reviewing, and Elli read Oh Susannah! It's in the Bag - another book we're reviewing. Malachi finished an Adventures in Odyssey book, and I told him not to start another one tonight. We're doing Marine Biology instead - a high school level book, but he was willing to review it with me because he loves marine animals. He also did a lesson in No-Nonsense Algebra.

He started reading at about 7:30pm and finished two days of reading/listening to the MP3 and answering On Your Own questions before he couldn't stop yawning. So I sent all the kids to bed at about 8:30. They've been up early every morning for day camps several weeks in a row. This is our last week of camps this summer. Malachi has done pickleball camp, volleyball camp, basketball camp, Y soccer camp, British Challenger soccer camp, and bowling camp. These are camps my husband puts on - it's like a whole year of P.E. crammed into 6 weeks. :) The other two did 3 or 4 of those, but not all. My husband got the kids up and out the door everyday except today - this is the only day I had to take them, but I offered to take them again on Friday.

9:00 pm Kids were actually asleep by 9:00 which felt like a miracle because the weeks before I had a hard time getting them to sleep before 10pm. I took a shower and got ready for bed and then hubs and I stayed up until about 10:30.

10:30 pm lights out

Today, my 17 year old worked, played soccer, hung out with friends, and talked on the phone late into the night.

Next week, we will be getting a little head start on our school reading before school officially starts September 5th, and I will have lots to share as I get ready for a new school year. Are you all ready? Will you be starting soon? or have you already started? I see lots who have, and I'm excited to get started too. It's cooled down quite a bit here (70s all week), so it feels like fall is right around the corner (I even had a cup of hot cocoa today), and I'm once again ready for the routine and rhythm that school days bring.