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Veritas Press Phonics Museum
Veritas Press now offers their Phonics Museum program as a homeschool phonics app, available in the App Store. The app makes reading fun with a museum theme, fun content, engaging characters, and entertaining stories. Your child tours the phonics museum floor by floor, discovering great works of art, playing games, hearing stories, and singing along to songs.
“See the picture, say the word, repeat the phonic sound, and the phonic rule is heard!”

William and Wendy guide your child through the Phonics Museum along with Percival, a young knight from one of the exhibits who brings the museum alive for your child, and Miss Biddle, the eccentric museum curator guide who is animated in songs and games, but looks real, or "comes to life," to teach the "astonishing simple syllables" your child needs to know to read and write.

Veritas Press Phonics Museum

Phonics Museum features:
  • live-action style teaching
  • fun games and activities
  • catchy memory songs
  • early reading books
  • learning to write early with fingertip drawing 
  • virtual field trip to a museum that features great works of art

I used the Phonics Museum App with Boaz, my 6 year old, 1st grader who is reading at a 2nd grade level. To use this program, we had to start at the beginning and unlock each floor one at a time. So, Boaz is still systematically working through the alphabet letter by letter, but he's having fun.

I'm not sure if there is a name for the handwriting style, but it is a modern manuscript that leads into Classically Cursive. 

Tip from the trenches: If your child is having a hard time tracing the letters, wipe the screen (and their finger!) and have them try again. I keep alcohol swabs in my desk drawer for cleaning the computer with, and one day Bo was having a hard time tracing the letters. I grabbed a swab, wiped the screen and his finger, and he was able to trace the letter in one continuous swipe!

The games make him laugh. 

In one game, he's dragging grapes to a bowl, then the bowl spins and splatters grape juice all over the wall. In the next, he's tapping the correct letter to shoot an arrow at a bullseye, and then he paints on a canvas or shoots acorns. 

The app sends you notification of "firsts," such as the first letter drawn and the first word read. 

Phonics Museum's quality of content and presentation is the high quality I have come to expect from Veritas Press. It's neat that children can learn to read through great works of art in a fun way that frees up mom completely.

I think it's a unique approach to teaching reading. It's colorful and interactive, and it teaches your child to read AS it's teaching them the letters. So, your child will be blending with games and reading and writing words before they get through the end of the alphabet - except that they don't learn the letters in alphabetical order. A, M, B, P, T, D, N, G are the letters Boaz has completed so far, and he's on Level 3 out of 8.

I can't find a scope and sequence for the app, and we haven't seen any of the stories children will read with this program yet. I'm guessing that since Veritas Press' Phonics Museum actual reading curriculum covers Kindergarten and 1st grade, that the app could include both, but it may just be Kindergarten, too. I don't know.

Veritas Press says, "It's target audience is any parent that wants their child to learn to read and love the process," but the app store says it is made for children 5 and under.

I had some issues with the app not working at times. It would suddenly quit, or it would say that internet access is not available when it was. (Maybe my connection is too slow).

Memberships to the Phonics Museum app are $9.99 per month or $99 annually, and each account can have up to 3 children. Currently, you have to start at the beginning, but if unlocking the levels were a feature, that would make a difference on whether or not I would purchase this for a child already reading. Even though it's fun, Boaz doesn't need to spend months learning the alphabet, however if the app teaches ALL the phonograms, I would buy this. Boaz is only on the 3rd floor, but we have an annual subscription, so I may have to come back and update this review. In the meantime, please check out what my Crew mates had to say about it by clicking below!

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