Writer's Easy Reference Guide Review

Bonnie Terry Learning's Writer's Easy Reference Guide is a writing guide that is designed to take "the pain out of learning to write."
The Writer's Guide is 12 pages with "tips, hints and short lessons to guide your child or your students through the sentence, paragraph, essay and letter writing maze. Its hints and insights will improve the clarity, complexity, and quality of writing for students ages 7 to adult." Includes:
  • Paragraph Writing Hints
  • Essay Writing Hints for the Four Basic Essays
  • Steps of the Writing Process
  • Words to Make Your Writing More Interesting
  • Common Prefixes, Suffixes, and Root Words
  • Grammatical & Literary Terms
  • How to Write a Bibliography with examples, and more.
Price: $17
This is not a "how to" publication, but rather a handy guide with basic writing information and helpful hints and tips. However, it is very brief in many of the sections. For example, the preposition list is incomplete and leaves out 7 known prepositions, and in the list of Common Root Words only 11 root words are listed (including spelling variations), but with a quick search online I was able to find many "common root word" lists that contain much more information. Considering this, I was really surprised to find out how much it cost. I am happy to have it for my students to use, but I'm not sure I personally would spend the money to buy this. That said, it has come in handy over the last few weeks. My boys have been working on another writing program that gives several topics to choose from. To help them figure out which type of writing they wanted to do, I quickly grabbed the Reference Guide and read to them the section on the Four Basic Essays. I think it will especially help my younger writers to have a handy guide like this. Bonny Terry has many other products available on her website and you read more about them here.
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