The Special Wish Book Review

As a member of the Homeschool Crew, I received The Special Wish to review. This book is a part of Passkeys Foundation's Good News Express Series, which includes 4 hardback books and CD's. The collection is $20 or $7.50 each. Books in this series include: The Birthday Gift, The Special Wish, Thanks, But No Thanks, and The Cheerful Grump. They carry other products as well and you can see them here. The Good News Express Series is a series designed to build individual character traits. The Special Wish is a 32 page hardback book that focuses on friendship. It has colorful illustrations and a lovable cast of characters that discover the true meaning of friendship. It teaches that people are more important than things.
The story centers around a bear's special birthday wish. It is Finney's birthday and all of his friends are trying out figure out what his "special wish" is. They all think they have it figured out and think that their gift is Finney's special wish. They are a surprised when they find out that their gift is not Finney's special wish. They are even more surprised to find out that Finney's wish came true after all - but it didn't come wrapped with a bow. The Special Wish is a cute little story teaching that friendship is the best present of all. The book also comes with a CD that narrates the story with sound effects and charming character voices and includes original songs.
Russell Williams, President of Passkeys Foundation, also has a blog called Kids of Character 'One Minute Mentoring Messages' and posts a weekly inspirational and educational post to "guide, influence and inspire parents, grandparents, coaches and community leaders in their role as character advocates with the children and youth they love."
I liked that the book/CD set is reasonably priced, is colorful and engaging and is focused on the character trait of friendship; however, this book is not for our family. We don't celebrate birthdays in the "traditional" sense so we do not do birthday cakes, candles, birthday presents or birthday "wishes." Besides that, it was a cute story with a endearing lesson on friendship.
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