Homemade Mochaccino

My kids and I love making Italian Cream Sodas, but, I also love an iced coffee for a treat. And Jocelyn's post on making homemade iced coffee inspired me to give it a try!

I prefer a mochaccino (or mocha frappuccinno) so I went for the chocolate version! To do this, I began with my favorite coffee (when I do drink it, which is not often) - an organic Peru water process decaf that is roasted right here at the foot of the Bighorns. I used fresh finely ground beans and brewed a strong pot of coffee as suggested.

Then I let the coffee cool, and froze it overnight in an ice cube tray!

Brewing the coffee and freezing it in cubes.

My little helper, Eliana, whipping up a batch. She put all the ingredients in! (I helped her get the coffee cubes out of the tray)

We used:
1 tray of coffee cubes
1/2 cup of Ghirardelli All Natural Sweet Ground Chocolate and Cocoa (Cocoa and cane sugar will work too!)
Milk to fill the blender.

We blended until smooth. Whipped cream would have been so yummy, but I didn't have any whipping cream.

Homemade mochaccino success! And the best part is that that pot of coffee made a little over 3 ice cube trays, so we will have this for another Sabbath treat next week!


  1. I love iced Mochas!!

    Have you heard my good news?? :):)
    Miss you!

  2. Ewwww! LOL! But, I bet that was fun for Elli to help.

  3. That looks great!

    Mrs. White

  4. Oh, you are definitely making me hungry! This looks so yummy!