Adam and Eve {and their descendants} for the Very Young

Activity wise, we are a little behind the older boys in our lessons, so I made this lesson simple. We continued to follow along with the Creation and the Flood Unit by Diana Warring in our Elementary Activity book.

We played the "The Adam Name Game."

This was a super fun game that came from Ancient Civilizations and the Bible's Elementary Activity book. On each turn, one of us was "Adam." The rest of us pretended to be an animal. When Adam said "Go" we all started moving around making sounds and pantomiming our animal. As Adam recognized an animal, he touched the animal's shoulder and if they were right, the animal sat down. If he was wrong, he could ask three questions, such as "Where do you live?" "What do you eat?" and "What color are you?" He then names the animal if he can. How many animals are sitting is the number of points Adam scores. The fun part is, we all got a chance to be Adam and name the animals. (I did not take any pictures because we all played!)

We also read about the descendants of Adam.

To keep things simple for the younger ones, we just focused on what a family is and did a Family Tree Craft with the names of our little family and talked about what a descendant is.

Malachi's hand print family tree.

Since we have been doing our history lessons as a family, the younger kids have been sitting through most of the readings as well. We are currently learning about Noah's Ark.

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  1. I love it! Mali did a great job!

  2. I love the hand tree. That's a great idea. : )

  3. My kids would love that game, and the family tree craft is oh, so very cute!