Homeschool Highlights #5

This weeks highlights will be short and sweet because we are camping!* Yes, it is cold! But, we love an adventure and our motorhome is nice and warm (let's hope the pilot light to the heater doesn't go out in the middle of the night and that we wake up warm!).
Okay, I am just going to list a few highlights:
  • Hunting/first deer: Luke and Jordan went on their first father/son hunting trip with Jordan's grandpa. They brought home 2 whitetail deer! I will blog about this on our homestead blog, Steadfast at Home, when we get home.
  • Instant Challenge #1: This was a great addition to our week and I will share about that in a post that is scheduled to go out tomorrow night at 9 p.m. If you are interested in participating, check out the giveaway I have going on.
  • Mathletics: We started reviewing this for the Crew and I am thrilled with this program! My boys will be participating in the American Math Challenge this week and they are super excited about it! Even my oldest who does not like math loves this! I never thought I would say, "You can't do your math until your chores are done!" It is usually a battle to get him to do any kind of math. I did take him back a level, to help him master the basics, so that helped too.
  • Tot school: No post this week, but we have been working on Baby Signing Time vol. 3 & 4. I am in the process of working on making some cards to go along with these (since I didn't order the flashcards for the first series). I will share this coming week what we have been working on.
  • Preschool: Malachi began Kinderbach and Mathletics this week. Last week, I posted my thoughts on kindergarten readiness and asked what your plans are for kindergarten. It was probably a good thing that I didn't get too many replies because it made me pray and seek the Father about what He wants me to do (you know, without too many outside influences - sometimes that is where He wants me). I prayed specifically about an idea I have and I am hoping to work on this and get started on it soon.
  • Nature Explorers: exploring habitat ~ I took my youngest 2 on a field trip to the National Forest Service and Game and Fish department. We explored the 5 habitats common in Northeastern Wyoming. I will share all about that in a post this week.
  • With my older boys we plugged along in our regular studies, finished up Unit 1 in our Nutrition book, worked on Days of Creation watercoloring notebook, and designed a cover for our history notebook. Then Mathletics kind of took over our week.
  • My husband, Luke, has been a huge help to me this week (well, he always is) but he started us on a new morning routine and it has helped us a lot as far as getting going in the mornings. He is a very ordered, structured and scheduled kind of guy and I need his help! In other words, I am laying aside the lie that I have to have it all together and that I can do this all on my own. I used to be offended at his suggestions - like it was an attack on my methods or abilities as a mom or teacher, but now I know better. I have a lot of wonderful ideas, creative plans and activities, etc. But, I don't have it all together when it comes to implementing them. I am grateful for his help (and patience with me).
  • We also bought a mini trampoline. It was a much needed addition to our homeschool. I have one child who will not sit still and now he may bounce on the trampoline while we read aloud (instead of somersaulting across the floor!). He can only bounce (no jumping), meaning his feet can't leave the trampoline. We do this with an exercise ball and it is a great way for him to get some energy out and also helps him to pay attention.
Before I go, I wanted to share something on my heart. Blogging, for me, is about accountability. I want this to be a record of our homeschool journey. I am not a good record keeper, although I do maintain a portfolio and keep all of the notebooks/lesson books we complete as a record. But, I am not good about taking notes of my thoughts or keeping a weekly schedule of what we do. Blogging fills that gap. I love that I can share online and that family and friends can read along, too. It is my hope that what I write here will be encouraging or inspiring to others on this journey. These are my thoughts tonight. I am coming up on my one year blogiversary and being that this is National Blog Posting Month, (NaBloPoMo) I have been pondering much about my blog, why I even have one, what my focus is, how often I want to post, etc. I will continue pondering this over the next month and then I hope to share what I have learned from blogging, how I have grown and where I hope to head from here!
*Just thought I would clarify. We had to come to town to empty the septic tank in the motorhome. I have to follow the motorhome in the van because the motorhome is infamous for not starting. (We did have to jump start it). We ate dinner and got the kids in bed and Luke headed back to camp to work on the insulation on the house we are building. Which was perfect because the kids were asleep by the time he made it back. And I was parked outside the small town library, in my van, (in the dark) writing this post! I was only going to finish the challenges posts and schedule them (wasn't sure I would make it back in time), but decided to write my HH post. I wanted to write it because I knew if I missed it, I would be less inclined to continue on with it and I committed (in my heart) to give a weekly update a sincere effort (because I really did not want to continue on with one).


  1. Oh Chell, I LOVE your your so creative just like Father :-D

  2. Michelle, as usual your post resonated in my own heart and mind in a number of ways. Re: blogging....Honestly, as much as I love to write, and I do, I really enjoy reading good blogs...I am especially enjoying your and Andi's blogs. I love your hearts toward your students and your honesty before the Lord about who He is in your families. As far as blogging, I should probably post on my page rather than here,(sorry for the length) but...oh well. : ) I'm not sure, and I obviously need to pray about it too..., about how often I need to be blogging.

    Also, I have often taken my husbands suggestions in the same way you have, and so I am pryaing and the Lord is making me more open to Danny's ideas.

    I too love your creativity, and hearing what you are doing. It's always very inspiring, but I trust what the Lord says to you. I pray He crowns all your efforts with success. Have a familyful time camping, and do stay warm. Blessings-Kathy

  3. Ditto on the hubbie and blogging :)

  4. :) - Chel, I love reading what you do - being a part of your family and gleaning much from your abilities as a wife, mom and "teacher" - may you be blessed in all that you do....