Homeschool Highlights #4

*Don't miss an important announcement below! Highlights of this week:
  • History: Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve and the Fall and we continued working on our Days of Creation watercolor (hopefully, we will finish that this week).
  • Science: Elements in our Chemistry book and we are just now getting to Chapter 4 (Nervous System Health and Nutrition) in Nutrition 101. We also took some time to review Unit 1 and incorporate notebooking into this study.
  • Spelling: We began All About Spelling this week and I LOVE it! Can't wait to share more in my review on this one.
  • We are making progress with Jordan and his math issues. He is also working on career exploration and planning.
  • Nathan started basketball this week.
  • Nature Explorers: Squirrels
  • Preschool: The letter X
  • Tot School: we continued working with Baby Signing Time videos 3 and 4. I will share in more detail in an upcoming post how we are using this in our tot school.
  • We also spent some time organizing completed notebooks and had them bound this week along with several e-books that I printed.
*I have something else to share! I am so excited about it, I can hardly wait! I am starting my first weekly meme. I'm sure you are wondering why the blogosphere could possible need one more weekly meme, but my intention was not to start a meme originally. I came up with a great idea for our weekly workboxes and it was just too good to not share! This one will be a "challenge." Stay tuned for more details!


  1. Your week sounded like fun - eespecially the letter X stuff!

    I'll be watching for more info on the workbox meme.

    We love All About Spelling too.

  2. I'm caught up again on my blog reading. :-) Good posts. I really enjoyed the squirrel pictures. I love the picture of your children at the top of your blog, too.