Instant Challenge #3: Cup Holder Solutions

If you missed it, be sure to see my introductory post for rules and more information!

Cup Holder

Challenge: Your TASK is to create a structure that holds two cups as high as
possible and as far apart as possible.

Time: You will have up to 7 minutes to use your IMAGINATION to create a
structure and then up to 1 minute to place the cups on it for score.

Set-up: A table with materials, two cups and a taped square.

They began with a pipe cleaner reinforced straw structure attached with mailing labels to the paper (since they could not attach it to the floor).

Then they made a bridge by attaching the envelope to the supports with the paperclips.

Jordan reinforced the structure by rolling up the tin foil and attaching it to the sides.

In a last ditch effort to use all the supplies, they added the pennies for "weights." Their structure held the cups 6 inches off the ground and 5 inches apart.

I had the boys score themselves this round.

They gave themselves:

0 out of 10 points for having a completed structure after Step 1.
10 out of 20 points for creative use of the materials
6 points for how far off their cups are off the ground (6 inches x 1 pt for each inch)
10 points for how far apart their cups are (5 inches x 2 points for each inch apart)
10 out of 20 points for how well they worked together

For a total of 36 points.

During our feedback session, I asked the boys how else this could have been built and they said they didn't think there was any other way this could have been done (lol), so we are curious to see if anyone else was up for a challenge and what kind of structures you may have come up with!

There will not be a new challenge this week. I will post a new challenge next week.


  1. Love It Guys! You are all so very creative! Way to use your heads!

  2. Love It Guys! You are all so very creative! Way to use your heads!

  3. Oh!! I did not think of that! Fantastic idea for this challenge, guys!

  4. The significantly altered event is up!

  5. Linked up with our creation! :)


  6. It's fun to see the different creative solutions to each challenge! I posted an incorrect link #5. Sorry.