Africa Week 4: A Visit to South Africa

I had hoped to travel through more than one country this week; nevertheless, here is what we have been doing! We: Read about and colored the Flag of South Africa.
Learned what apartheid ("apartness" in Africaans) is. (A legalized racial separation that had been firmly enforced since 1948 and ended in 1991.)
Learned about wildlife in South Africa and how they are protected in games reserves sucha s Kruger National Park.
Read "Fascinating Facts" about South Africa. Fpr example, we learned that South Africa is the leading producer of diamonds and gold and that wildlife still roam freely and "Do not feed the baboons" signs are as common in South Afica as "Keep off the grass" signs are in the U.S. Learned some common African words: mammie - mom pappie - dad ouma - grandma oupa - grandpa ja - yes nee - no vriend -friend goeie more - good morning goeie naand - good evening eina! - ouch! And Numbers: een, twee, drie, vier, vyf, ses, sewe, ag, nege, nege, tien (1-10) Read the Afrikaans Poem. Researched the baobab tree (a fascinating tree that looks like it is upside down with its roots up in the air), iron wood and stink wood trees of South Africa. Learned how to play Rounders - a popular activity in South Africa (like baseball but played with a flat bat and tennis ball). Talked about making a textured wall hanging like the Zulu tribe of South Africa use to decorate their walls. We would have glued burlap onto a piece of card stock and glued yarn in spiral or coiled shapes in earth tones to make a colorful abstract wall hanging... but we didn't. Wrote a South African Newspaper with articles and illustrations on sports, animals, people, cultures, and products.
We will travel to two more countries before we leave Africa!


  1. Did you make the template for the "news" or did you find it somewhere? That's a great idea!!


  2. Jolanthe, the template is from "Another Trip Around the World." It was a fun way to apply what they learned. :-)