Hebrew Lesson 7: Days of the Week

Shalom! Hayom yom re'vee'ee. Translation: Hello! Today is day 4 ( Wednesday). Hayom (today) we learned the days of the week and related terminology. We learned how to say: "Ma hayom" - What is today? "Hayom" - Today is . . . Yom Ree-Shon - day 1 or Sunday Yom Shee-Nee - day 2 or Monday Yom Shelee-she - day 3 or Tuesday Yom Rev-Ve-ee - day 4 or Wednesday Yom Hah-Mee-Shee - day 5 or Thursday Yom Shee-Shee - day 6 or Friday Yom Sha-Bat - day 7 or Saturday (Can you guess why the 7th day is Yom Sha-Bat? Because it is the Sabbath!) For our reading practice we read (a part of) the Fourth Commandment in Hebrew: (Hebrew is read right to left) le-ka-de-sho ha-shab-bat et-yom Zak-hor for holiness the Sabbath Day Remember It is transliterated as "Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy." We only read a part, as this commandment is actually the longest of the 10 commandments. The verses go into more detail about how to keep the Sabbath. You can read more about it in Exodus 20:8-11. An interesting note: The word shabbat is connected to the verb shavat which means "to cease, desist, rest" and first appears in Genesis 2:2-3 regarding God's creative activity. Shabbat begins at sunset on Friday evening and ends at sunset Saturday evening. Also did you know that the Hebrew language is the only pure language in the world that is not defiled with pagan gods/goddesses names? We also learned how to say: the day before - sheelshom yesterday - etmol tomorrow - machar the day after tomorrow - mochrotayeem the next day - hayom haba week - shavua

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