K is for Kite

ABC Book: K is for kite.

I had Mali make a kite from shapes cut out of construction paper. He loves tangrams so this was fun for him. He designed it, then glued the backs and I helped him put it back together on the comstruction paper.

 Memory Verse:
From Sing the Word A-Z Keep your tongue from evil Keep your tongue from evil Keep your tongue from evil And your lips from speaking lies. Psalm thirty four thirteen Psalm thirty four thirteen Keep your tongue from evil And your lips from speaking lies.

 Story Time:
The Kissing Hand, by Audrey Penn "King David" and "King Solomon" from The Children's Bible

Activities: Hop like a kangaroo.
"The Kangaroo" (A Fingerplay) From Alphabet Art The kangaroo goes hippity-hop (hop in place) Then suddenly comes to a stop (stand still) Snug inside a pocket deep (rub hand on tummy) Baby kangaroo is fast asleep (rest head on hands)

Kangaroo craft from Alphabet Art
This cute kangaroo and her joey was made out of paper pates, with half of a plate for a pocket. This was a great way to teach Mali that a kangaroo has a pouch because he was talking about it for days!

Get Ready for the Code Activities:
Mali is working through the pages with more independence. He does a good job following directions, and is taking more time to form his letters. :-)
Vocabulary words learned this lesson include kitten, king, kiss, kite, key, kick and kangaroo. 

We did the trial sessions at Kinderbach. Mali worked through the lessons in one sitting and really enjoyed the activities. He learned about highs and lows, what a note is and just had fun playing with the keys.

  Kitchen Concoctions: Kiwi Fruit Kabobs

I cut up a variety of fruit and let Mali make his own kiwi kabobs! The first one he made was all kiwi! Then I helped him make one with mixed fruit for his sister. Stringing the fruit on the stick was good hand-eye-coordination practice!

Math: Kitchen Utensil Sort

I let Malachi put silverware away by sorting knives, spoons, and forks. Great thinking skill practice!

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