Around the World in 80 Days: Chapters 13-16

Chapter 13:In Which Passepartout Recieves a New Proof That Fortune Favors the Brave The rajah rises from the burial pyre – or did he? Who was that, anyway?
  • Vocabulary: pyre, aperature, suppleness, hemp, prostrate, spectre, prodigy, inanimate, resuscitated, audacity, abduction
  • Discussion questions from Trail Guide to World Geography
  • Ganges River history and Indian customs
  • Asian animal classification cards
Chapter 14: In Which Phileas Fogg Descends the Whole Length of the Beautiful Valley of the Ganges Without Ever Thinking of Seeing It. Phileas, Passepartout, Sir Francis, Aouda, and the Parsee guide reach the railroad tracks. Phileas pays the guide and gives him the elephant as a gift. Sir Francis leaves the company of the group at Benares. It is decided that Phileas and Passepartout will help Aouda reach Hong Kong where she has relatives.
  • Vocabulary: exploit, commendation, venerable, intoxication, vermillion, habiliments, pathetically, menaced, adieu, diversified, pious, ablution
  • Discussion questions from Trail Guide
Chapter 15: In Which the Bag of Bank-Note Disgorges Some Thousands of Pounds More. The law catches up with Phileas Fogg and Passepartout.
  • Vocabulary: squalid, placidly, magistrate, sacrilege, desecrator, imprudent, escapade, misdemeanor, constable, connivance, stupefied, prodigal
  • Discussion questions from Trail Guide
Chapter 16: In Which Fix Does Not Seem to Understand in the Least What Is Said to Him. Fogg, Passepartout, and Aouda head for Hong Kong on the steamer Rangoon and Fix is disappointed once again.
  • Vocabulary: automaton, eccentricity, intractable, propitious, impel, perplexed, berth
  • Discussion questions from Trail Guide
  • Locate and label China, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Andaman Islands, and the Indian Ocean
  • Locate and label the Rangoon's route from Calcutta to Singapore through the strait of Malacca, which separates the island of Sumatra from the Malay Peninsula.
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